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stares at page* *page stares back* tf do I write here TT_TT. realfan16 over here and no I'm not sixteen;) just thought of this name in 2016. huh...Loves anime *shrugs* Wanna chat? PM me ;)

Well ppl. i got a challenge/request depends on how u see it.

Basically i want to see a huge AU...well kinda huge. 'cause we gonna have lots of characters from one piece, Avatar TLA, Dragon ball(yes dragon ball '_'), Hero academia, Fairytale, God of war...i think that's it.

Devil fruit or any other strange ability not possible by chakra manipulation is considered a bloodline.

Well here are the roles:

Suna:ppl from Fairytail basically belong in suna(besides Erza, Natsu, Gray) jounin Lucy's bloodline is "summoning" zodiac constellations in their animal form for casual battles and their human form as a secret technique. Decent in hand to hand and speed but more widely known for her tactical mind.

Aang, wind's peaceful Daimyo who was so peaceful he got killed sometime before the konoha genin flex/chuunin exam.

Iwa: gets adult Katara cause she a hater lvl max. Tho her unusual high water affinity made her an odd addition to Iwa's shinobi force. And Azula(yes she keeps her lightning only no fire. Daimyos got bloodlines aka bending ;) is Earth's Daimyo while being the daughter of the previous fire Daimyo Ozai ]. up to u challengers to explain how she got there personally i say Ba singse style:)(if uk what i mean) and cares for Zuko in a twisted (as in only I have the right to attempt murder Zuzu)

Bakugo is part of Deidara's clan (cause art is an explosion ;)

Kumo: Goku is the Raikage(don't question it lmao) using lightning armor plus whatever kumo's shinobi should know. Vegeta is lightning's Daimyo who gets super strong when his hair goes golden(no flight nor ki bs) Almight is their strongest shinobi whose enormous mastery over air and impressive, nearly inhuman physical prowess makes him a formidable threat. His apprentice Midoriya follows in his footsteps

Konoha: Aizawa Shota is the strongest Nara and first to pioneer into shadow travelling/ short range teleportation.

The Hyuuga can use and are proficient in ninjutsu (cause using only taijutsu(short range) when u got an eagle's eyesight makes no sense)

Natsu is a leaf jounin proficient in fire techniques.

Nico Robbin aka Miss All Sunday is an unaffiliated shinobi who is loyal only to the 3rd Hokage for mysterious reasons and also acts as his informant. Took over Naruto's early childhood education for a while(3yrs) after he/kyuubi killed the last caretaker with chakra claws at 5y/o. she travels with her apprentice/assistant Enzo(kid ninja from Young Samurai kudos to all who know the books ;)

Orochimaru teamed up with Vegapunk for a while and created lots of mutants(All DF users including Robbin *hint*) (Sasuke stays in Konoha)

Zuko is the Fire Daimyo after successfully suppressing the tyrannical Ozai with Konoha's help(still cares for Azula)

Kiri: Sanji is Mei's husband's (cause they both deserve someone) and a powerful jounin whom none has use his hands(aka ninjutsu) and live to tell the tale. Basically fights with his legs constantly in Armament(goes under bloodline) haki usinghis hands only for highly efficient jutsus.(still a godly cook :)

Teenage Grey is the last loyal Yuki who was protected by Mei and became her Apprentice (yes jounin Natsu is an adult)

Soka is water's Daimyo(water bending included) still looking for his long little sister who was kidnapped ages ago ;)

Testu no kuni: Samurai Captain Zoro(haki cheat included) ;) and Captain Erza(peculiar ability to summon premade armors)

All the Daimyos minus wind pull up for a cameo in leaf's chuunin exams.

All the kages minus Iwa pulls up and ofc Orochimaru gets his invasion. But will be stopped by a partially released 4 tail kyuubi the size of a house who took out Shukaku. Seeing such an unseen variable in his plan Orochi makes a run for it by using the edo tensei as a distraction for Hiruzen who dies sealing his mentotrs minus Orochimaru's arms. Orochi doesn't need Sasuke cause bodies artificially made with the help of Vegapunk is stable and enables him to use his full power once before he needs to change. He can keep it for 2yrs to 5yrs max.

God of war: sort of an omake. poor Kratos somehow got stranded in the elemental nations with his son. For the life of him he couldn't figure out why these weird looking ppl kept popping outta nowhere threatening his son's life(they were no threat to him, he slayed gods afterall) tho he must admit he felt kinda weakened, enough to be noticable. His spells

felt weakened and he couldn't control time anymore he better find a place more defensible or he would be completely blindsided by these mortals. He also didn't understand why they seemed to fear him and directly resort to attacking, from the bit he could understand (cause gods speak all languages) his energy seemed to be terrifying, inhumane and more importantly felt evil. Terrific he understood after all he was just too powerful, inhumane? obviously, he transcended humanity ages ago but now evil left him perplexed after all he only slayed a bunch of gods (Olympians and some more) out to get was legitimate preventive self couldn't be counted as evil...could it?


Now there's a lot of powerful players but only so much screentime sooooo we make a sort of tournament organized by Robin's organization (pun unintended) who publishes bingo books only available to rankers(that is A-rank and above ninja s) as a hobby the truly strong who goes out in search of thrill and danger can contact Robin's Organization to set up a fight with whoever they chose. consent not needed from the other party :) ambushes are not allowed by the organisation (fight is strictly one-on-one) both parties are assumed to be skillful enough to put on a good and not die at the end.ranking gets updated accordingly(picking off the victor Isn't allowed) the victory can let themselves be guarded by the organisation until they reach safety. Organisation charges high for its services and is obviously composed of S-rankers too tho all unaffiliated. the perfect excuse to write insane fights independently of plot progress ;)

Have fun challengers!!

(p.s do PM me if u accept the challenge)


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