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Current works

A Family of Friends

Genre: Family/Friendship

Fandom: Pandora Hearts

Characters: Gilbert/Raven Nightray, Oz Vessalius, Alice Baskerville, Xerxes Break

Rating: K

Summary: Gilbert has always secretly wondered one thing above all else; what is a family? What is it like to have one? Is someone like him even qualified for such a thing? Upon discovering the distress of his servant, Oz decides to give Gilbert a valuable lesson in what exactly having a 'family' means.

Pairings: None

Status: Complete


Genre: Horror/Suspense

Fandom: Slenderman

Characters: Slenderman, OC

Rating: T

Summary: "By the time you find this journal, I'll probably already be dead. Don't worry about me, just please... show this to anyone you can. Share this story in as many ways and to as many people as you can. Don't let my efforts be in vain. Let them know... that the Slenderman is real."

Pairings: Lolno

Status: In progress

Author: Follow Favorite

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