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Knives91 PM
Joined Feb '07

- Let those that survive Our passing do so only at Our consent. -

- Crest of the Alpha Lupi -

Age: Old. Can't recommend it.

Likes: Reading, relaxing, writing, gaming, my cat.

Dislikes: Fools and ignorance. Poor spelling.

Dreams: A simple life with simple pleasures. Good food, good friends. A life that is well lived.

A note on writers:

People come here to put ideas on paper. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are amazing. So want to improve their writing, some just want to get things out of their heads.

If you enjoy something you read, jot them a note. Tell them. If you didn't, consider telling the author why. They may respond, they may not. But please, don't think you as a reader have a 'right' to having things done your way. This isn't your tale. If you want it to be, the craft your own and offer it to the world.

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