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'Normal me'

(Evil. The, well evil part of my mind.)

(Kira. The 'good' but somewhat malevolent part of my mind.)

No, I am not crazy (ya right) I just need someone to argue with. Okay I am crazy (Thank you.) SHUT UP!

Katherine L

June 1 1993

Favourite Manga:
Naruto, Bleach, xxxHolic, and too many others to list.

Favourite Music:
Most Movie soundtracks, but John Powell in specific.

Favourite Movies:
Nothing specific

Favourite Book:
Harry Potter... that's about it.

Favourite Quote:
- People who cant do, teach. People who can't teach, teach gym. People who can't teach gym are principals.

- I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

- purpadotted (insert random word here)

- If there is nothing out there in outer-space, then it's an awful was of space : Carl Sagen

- Reality is merely and illusion, albeit a very persistent one : Albert Einstein.

- It was so funny I forgot to laugh (when a joke isn't funny)

Other Web-Sites
- http:///

Random Funny moments

Mr. Macavoy our drama teacher is missing from school.
Brianna: I wonder were Mr. Macavoy is?
Katherine: Good question.
Dr Harilton our principle comes in about half way through the class
Katherine: Is Mr. Macavoy dead?

In band the precution section was having trouble with a part at the beginning of the song so Mr. Johnston had them run it over a lot. Reg wans't counting or something so Mr. J had him run it over by himself.
Mr. J: Kay Reg, bar 3 to 7. And what are you going to be thinking the whole time your playing.
Reg: Ding dong, ding dong

Mr. J presides to smack himself in the for head. Its gym and Brittany was really hyper and saying she could read our minds
Brittany: Kay Brianna, I will now read you mind. "This is the stupidest thing ever."
Brianna: Nope
Katherine: Sorry, that was my mind.

Katherine: Squishy…Turtle…Squishy Turtle!... squiiiiiiiiiiiiishy turtle
Brianna: Cow…Squishy turtle cow.

Brianna: Hey you know the expression “Its colder then hell outside”.
Katherine: no.
Brianna: Well have you heard someone say that before.
Katherine: Ya, you
Brianna: well…(stops and glares)… anyway… (glare again) … isn’t it always colder then hell outside?
Katherine: Good point.

Ty: It's Thursday right?
Random student: No, it's Friday
Ty looks completely shocked.

Me and my friends had science class before gym class and we had a basket ball test right after.
Katherine: You get 2 points for getting a basket right?
Brianna: Yup, and theres also three pointers.
Katherine: How many points do you get for a three pointer?
Brianna: Three points.
Katherine: do you get that?
Brianna: Shotting from the three point line.
Katherine: Ah, I see...wheres that
Brianna smacks herself in the forehead.

Math class with Evil and Kira

Me: That math test was so annoying.
Evil: That's not the only thing around here.
Me: Hey! I'm not annoying. Besides you’re the voices in my head, how do you think I feel when I'm trying to do school work?
Evil: I wasn't talking about you! I was talking about Kira.
Me: Oh... What did she do this time?
Evil: Well, she invited her friend Sam over from France and-
Me: Wait, how did Sam get here from France? And is he the third voice I've been hearing all day?
Evil: Like I know how he got here. And yes he is the third voice, but don't worry because he's leaving for home tomorrow. Can I get back to my story?
Me: Fine.
Evil: Well, the two ganged up on me and chased me through 9 floors!
Me: Sorry. There are different floors in my mind?
Evil: Ya, I thought you knew. There are about... 50, but I normally stay on the 19th. It's the observation floor. We can see what you see.
Me: Remind me to be more careful where I look from now on. So what happened then?
Evil: I told them to go away. I think they went to explore the basement. You can start to worry.
Me: Why?
Evil: We've never gone down there.
Kira and Sam: AHHHHHH!
Me: What's wrong?
Kira: The flubber worms are chasing us!
Sam: But I think we lost them on the 3rd floor.
Evil: Hey! That's my room.
Me: Okay, this is getting weird even for me! You guys sectioned off my mind?
Evil: Hey, we need a room. Back to the point, why were flubber worms chasing you?
Kira: We were exploring the basement and we accidentally stepped in their nest. I thought they were supposed to be helpless creatures. They don’t even have teeth! But they can be really mean if you step on their home.
Sam: Not that we can blame them.
Me: The strangeness continues as I find out that I have floors in my mind and the basement contains a colony on flubber worms. Joy.
Evil: Who are you talking to?
Me: Myself. But I guess that would make no sense and I have voice in my head to talk to. And- am I rambling again?
Evil: Yes.
Kira: Sam and me will try to get he flubber worms down into the basement again. They can’t survive long that far away from cabbage. There is a huge field of it on the 7th floor. Maybe can move the colony there.
Sam: That is a good point. Then we don’t have to go feed them again!
~Sam and Kira go off the attend the to flubber worms~
Me: I don’t even want to know why there is a field of cabbage in my mind. Hey I have a question.
Evil: Shoot.
Me: Why is your name Evil? I mean I know I named you but that seems like an odd name. I thought you might know.
Evil: My name really isn’t Evil. That’s just a nickname you gave me. Because I’m the first original voice in your head I had a name before that.
Me: Okay then. What’s you real name. You are the voice in my head. I feel that I have the right to know these things.
Evil: You do have a point there. Well, my real name is Liz. But don’t tell Kira. She will never let me forget it. Besides she’ll come up with some other nickname for me.
Me: Like what? Lizard, Queeny, reptile?
Evil: Ya something like that. ~Glare~
Me: Sorry.
Evil: I’m bored.
Me: So am I.
Evil: Well, I’ll talk to you later. I’m going to the library. Bye.
~Evil gets up and leaves~
Me: Wow, it’s so quiet now. Well, I don’t want to look weird talking to myself. I guess I’ll go now too. Maybe one day I can see what my mind is like…

Story Info

August 28

Hi again! (Hello everyone! Welcome to the crazy place that is her mind! Please help me get out.) Stop that! Or I'll lock you in the closet again! (No! It's dark down there. One second what I'm I saying? I love the dark, I'm you evil counter part.) What ever now is not the time. (So this would just add another point to you being crazy since you actually are letting me out by writing this in right?) How can they count points? The lost track a long time ago. I thought you knew that? You were there after all. (Well sorry for me being out of the loop, but I'm not the one with the dreams about clues to hidden treasuere on their hands!) That is beside the points, and that was a good dream. I ended up being rich. But this is not the time, I need to do my story updates! (Just get on with it!Okay, well I'm working on the sixth chapter of 'The Ties of Shadow and Light' still. Sorry it's taken so long, I've been busy. (No you haven't, you've been reading manga and drawing fan art.) Well, it is good fan art. Can we get back to the point? (Whatever.) If you're going to be like that why don't you tel them what is going on? (Okay. The new chapter should be up soon. There are currently 329 words, but it is still growing and will be longer than the last chapter. You have a lot of work ahead of you. Sorry, I'm of no help.) Oh, but you are. Having and evil counter part can have it's advantages. If you want to write something more sinister, I always know were to go. (Good point.) On with the updates. As for the other two stories, they are still on hold, I might just restart completely. I didn't have much knowledge of Naruto when I wrote 'Demon Naruto' and I didn't know much about Bleach when I wrote 'Soul reaper Ninja' which I changing to 'Shinigami Ninja' soon btw. (And now that she is educated in anime she is ready to go, as soon as she gets some more ideas.) Hey, I have ideas, they just don't come out on paper very well. (You can say that again.) Hey I have ideas, the jus- (Oh, no, no, no, no, we are not going through that again.) Well anyways, thats all the updates for today. Now if you don't mind. I need some sleep. Night! (Bye.)

September 10

Hello everyone! And a special hello to all you Shakespeare fans out there! Well, if there are any. (Face it, you are the only one.) Don't ruin my dreams. I can hope can't I. (No.) Well aren't you blunt today. (What ever, I'm going to sleep. If you need me then too bad.) Wow, that was odd, my mind feels suddenly empty. Back to the point of writing this. I've just gone through another writing spree of ideas. So hopefully not to long until the next chapter. I'm at 1000 words. Don't worry, it shouldn't be too long. Well I hope, I've had a lot of homework lately. I haven't worked on 'Demon Naurto' or 'Soul Reaper Ninja' at all lately. Sorry 'bout that. I'll try to some time, but it might be a while. I should get back to writing the chapter. Hope you all are having a good school year. Bye! (Is she gone? Good. For those of you who don't know, Katherine had been very busy with school. She is in the high math, and English course. Her other classes are fine, but after school every day she is stuck there for two hours until five. So don't give her too hard of a time. And I said nothing. I can't let her find out that I've done something nice for her. It will ruin the whole 'evil counter part' thing that I'm going for. Bye for now. And remember, I didn't say... well, type anything.)

September 18

Please leave comments on what you think about my songs and poetry. There isn't much up right now, but I'm working on that
Thank you.


Sorry that I haven't updated in a while. (Has it been that long? There is no perseption of time in your mind. All it is 'SHINY!') Shut up, I can't help it if I like shiny things. (~Raise Eyebrow~) Back to what I was saying. ~Glare at evil counter part~. I have been working on TSL (Ties of Shadow and Light. Spelling it out every time is just too long.) (No, you're just too lazy.) Oh be quiet. (Make me!) Fine I will! Insert sound of loud bands here. Now that I've finished with that back to the updates. Stop glaring at me Evil. Yes, that is your name now. Evil. As I was saying, I have been working on TSL, but unlucky for me, my computer shut off with out saving my document. So I had to rewrite some parts twice and I could make it how it was before. I have got it going again and I'm making sure to save about ever five, ten minutes. Also, I've been working on 'Demon Naruto.' So that should come out with the new first chapter soon. It is actually really different, but it still has some of the same concepts. Hope this will help you until I com out with the new chapte- (Now that I've escaped I can... RULE THE WORLD! Wow it is small. Well, anyways. Look for new chapters soon.) Help me! Please someone hel- (Quiet you! Bye!) My head. It hurts!

October 16

Hi, it's me again! (And the ever present Evil.) Well, not really you disappeared for a while back their. I was worried for a bit, I thought that I had gained my sanity again. (What's so bad about that? Wouldn't it be a good thing if you had sanity?) You'd think that would be the case but no. Any who! (Any who? What is that from? Why don't you just say 'any way' like any normal person would?) Will you stop it with the sarcastic comments for like five minutes? Please. And when have I ever been 'a normal person?' (Fair point. Fine I'll quiet for now.) Thank you. I have been very busy with homework so I am sad to report that I have yet to do any work on chapter 2 of Shinigami Ninja or chapter 8 of The Ties of Shadow and Light. I'm really sorry about that, but I should be able to get some work done on the tonight and over the weekend. (Well that's good. With you just reading and doing school work I thought I was going to go ins-) (I'M FINALLY BACK! I TOLD YOU THAT YOU COULDN'T GET RID OF ME FOR LONG EVIL!) Who are you? (You don't remember me? ~sad~) Um, no. (As for you Evil, why did you do that?) What did she do this time? (Um, well this is Kira. She's the good part of your insane mind.) And what did you to to make her so mad? (Put her in a box and mailed her to Brazil. ~Tries to look innocent~!) (Well, the box didn't make it to Brazil. I was put on the wrong airplane, sat in the box for 6 months and than ended up being sent to France for three years! Vous êtes l'exemple parfait d'un idiot!) (Sorry, we only speak English and the occasional German phrase.) (What me to translate? !glares at Evil! YOU ARE THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF AN IDIOT!) Okay, both of you stop! Let me try and get this straight before a full out fist fight starts in my mind. Evil put you in a box to brazil. And why did she do that? (You know, it was so long ago now that I can't remember.) Your hopeless.~Shakes head~ (You should watch your back Evil. I will get you and when I do it will be thousand times worse than what you did to me!) I thought she was the good one? (I don't think being in a box for six months helped her any.) Your probably right. (I will get you one day Evil. You just wait. ~malevolent laughter~) Well, this is going to get interesting. Now I have two voices in my head. Well any ways-(Was that so hard to say)Oh stop it. Well, as you wait for the next few chapters help welcome in, or should I say back after being away for 3 and a half years, the new voice in my head, Kira.

December 25

Cripes! It's been so long since I last updated! I am so, so, so sorry. I've been working on an original story. But not to worry, I'm getting back to my fanfictions. I'm going to be doing some drawings for them too. You can go to http:/// to see them. I also have my original story posted there if you are interested. It's called 'Moon Child.' So any ways, I'll get working on The Ties of Shadow and Light. I hope not to many people lost interest in it! Once again, I am truly sorry for taking so long. Happy Christmas!

July 10

Okay! A new chapter of TSL was added at the end of last month. It's been doing very well if I don't say so myself! I've been working on chapter eight! It should be a good one! Though the reason I'm leaving this comment is to tell people that I've finally posted my first character sketch! It's of Naru! I'll do other's I promise! There are some other pictures I drew in the past up there too, but only nine so far. Anyway, go check it out! I'll leave a link again.
Character sketch: http:///art/Character-Sketch-Naru-129049731
My home page: http:///
I'll do my best to write as much as I can over the summer. It will unfortunately slow down again in September but we're a fair way off from that point! Oh! and Evil and Kira are returning soon! YAY! My insanity is coming back home!

March 7 2010

I have returned to planet earth! I am SOO sorry that I haven't been so inactive for so long. I will have new chapters up soon and new stories and new ideas. I've been having problems in school and home and life in general. There are three groups in schools, the popular kids, the unpopular kids, and the anitpopular kids. It really sucks being the antipopular kids. If you can't get my hint the antipopular kids are the ones that are targeted for bullying. Now, I'm not looking for sympathy, though it might explain the angst in my stories... WELL! I'm all better now and I will be back into fanfiction and writing. Once again, I'm sorry that I've been missing for so long!

June 9 2010

Wow! It's been a while since I wrote here! (No kidding!) EVIL! You're back! I missed you! ~hugs~ (Get... off... ME! And how do you hug a voice in your head?!) I don't know, I just write this stuff ~ehehehe~. (What, and I don't get a hello?) Well, you didn't say anything so I didn't know you were there. (Fine, you're excused this time) I think I've become more insane over this year... if that's even possible... Well, I've looked back and I'm heading on my fourth year on this site. It doesn't seem like I've done much on here but I feel like I've succeeded at a lot. I unfortunately will not be able to do much for a few more weeks. As I am finishing grade 11 I have some important exams coming up and I need to study for them. I'll be back some time after June 21st. Heck, I'll try and be back right on the 22nd if I can. I love all my readers and I hope you will stay for the wait! I surprised at all the reception that my Kekkeshi story is receiving! (See you all soon!) (Bye bye!)

December 8 2010

Ya, I know I haven't been here much, and all my stories and going to be put on hold for a while, but high school has been busy. I'm having some troubles with Chemistry and Math. Anyway, I am still doing some writing, and planning some new stuff. For one, I've become more interested in History. Social class no longer really teaches much History, so I'm learning it on my own. As some people can guess, this means I've found the wonder that is Hetalia. My friends and I have characters. I'm Austria (Roderich Edelstine), yes I realize I'm a girl playing this role, by in RP's it doesn't really matter. So, that means my specific History interests lie in Europe and Central Europe. I found a really good book entitled Central Europe that I've been reading. So, my plan is to write some quick stories to go with what I'm learning. They will not always go in order and they wont really concentrate on one country (I love them all). My other new interest lies in Glee. Once again, it's going to be a bunch of one shot's that lie in what you don't see on the TV. I'm just starting season 1 now because there are so many surprises that the directors have been throwing at us that it would be really hard to keep it to you correct plot. Work on Wolves Freedom is still going and my other stories. Though for Shinigami Ninja, I'm going to have to restart again. It's staying with the same plot and I'm not deleting what I did because it's staying the same, just starting earlier. That's all I have to say for now! (Hey! WE didn't get to say anything!) I told you to go on vacation until after my first set of diplomas! (Why?) Don't make me put you in the box again! (NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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