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Hi. Most people call me Guest, but you can call me what you want as long as it's not inappropriate. Here you can find some stuff, mostly info about my stories and characters I have submitted. Not much else for now. I currently write only for the hunger games fandom, but I want to write more stuff for other fandoms too.

Table of Contents:



My SYOC characters

Dead tributes

Victors(Spoilers! I currently have 1 victor)


SYOT Closed.

Last Chapter: Interviews

Next Chapter: The Last Night and Morning (1/2 POV's done)

Arena: TBD

Blog: beginnings96thhg. weebly. com

Tribute List:

District 1:

Male: Remus Sparrow, 18, by Lilah32

Female: Blush Beamount, 18, by ASimpleMind94

District 2:

Male: Roark Pickett, 14, by AmericanPi

Female: Casey Main, 17, by Merpmeow

District 3:

Male: Thomas Slater, 18, by theflowercrowns

Female: Lana Slater, 18, by theflowercrowns

District 4:

Male: Alexi Atwaters, 18, by Professor R.J Lupin1

Female: Emerald Bywaters, 17, by AlexFalTon

District 5:

Male: Klaus Harg, 18, by glittergirl20

Female: Winchester Barker, 17, by CrissKenobie-the-Numenorean

District 6:

Male: Keaton Booker, 13, by Merpmeow

Female: Suri Lizbeth, 16, by Merpmeow

District 7:

Male: Quintin Arrow, 18, by Merpmeow

Female: Olivia Ashford, 15, by DefoNotAFangirl

Disitrict 8

Male: Evander "Ever" Adams, 12, by TakeTheCrown

Female: Noelle Norfolk, 17, by domgk115

District 9

Male: Anthony Markana, 18, by domgk115

Female: Dania Whicker, 16, by Professor R.J Lupin

District 10:

Male: Paul Stallone, 12, by AmericanPi

Female: Mabel Colton, 18, by AmericanPi

District 11:

Male: Wilson McCoy, 17, by CrissKenobie-the-Numenorean

Female: Willow Cranbury, 13, by pigeon.poo

District 12

Male: Forren Mitch, 12, by Merpmeow

Female: Kris Sparrow, 12, by Annabeth Pie

My tributes:


Lazy as Hell: Kennon Vale, 24, District 5 - The Hardest Choice by IIJamesII

Creating her own Backstory: Corianne Venner, 17, District 12 - A Nostalgia of Innocence by LiveFreeOrDie

Poisonous Bean: Kades Tayas, 13, District 12 - Pillars of Salt by A Proud Bibliophile

The Listener: Ulysses Canavo, 15, District 12 - Partners by foxfox12

The Path to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions: Ludwig Kantero, 17, District 7 - Civil War by kremit1000


My Cute Mentally Unstable Bean: Tey Antracit, 15, District 12 - Delusions of Grandeur by Alexcias

Dreaming your life away: Mune Silk, 16, District 8 - Essence of the Divine by LordShiro

Fighting a Losing Battle: Quinn Bayers, 17, District 11 - The Bloodiest place on Earth by Professor R.J Lupin1

Careful and Overprotected: Hector Synthesize, 13, District 6 - Live Die Repeat by Professor R.J Lupin1

Good boy: Hero Cessar, 16, District 2 - Delicious Death by santiago.ponici20

Chaos: Ace Sharai, 15, District 3 - Delicious Death by santiago.ponici20

Break a Wall: Kaven Brock, 15, District 10 - No Way Out by Tyquavis

Rule the World: Ramses Boskov, 17, District 12 - Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Death by Paradigm of Writing

Hehe: Lycka Chice, 16, District 3 - Live and Let Die by jimster920

Trying and Failing: Lockhart Tikkas, 14, District 6 - Hearts of Glass and Gold by 66samvr

Fighting in the games:

How much is his Edgy Level? It's over 9000!: Ruben Bolt, 18, District 10 - Death Is The Rule by thorne98

Kills: 1(Edward, D3M)

16/24 tributes remaining.

Shooting the Stars: Revan Allerix, 14, District 5 - Dear Future Self by timesphobic

Kills: 0

15/24 tributes remaining.

The Fallen:

Total Dead tributes: 21

Placements I need: 23th, 21st, 20th, 18th, 16th, 14th, 12th, 10th, 4th

Leper Messiah (The Boss): Sett Epicus, 18, District 11 - Vying by dirtwolf (2/26) - 8 kills

Eulogy: I usually don't do this, but Sett deserves one just because of the journey he and his story has taken me. He was a beast in the arena, always being a threat and killed 8 people. He was a very polarising character, with some adoring him and some absolutely despising him. His impact on the story was something, that I was glad I experienced, and I just want to say thank you to Logan for writing Sett the way he did.

Young and socially awkward: Caprium "Cap" Fael, 13, District 7 - Ohana by santiago.ponici20 (3/24) - 0 kills

The Perfect Sibling: Jonathan "Jona" Valley, 18, District 11 - Deja Vu by foxfox12 (3/24) - 2 kills

Killer Brat: Christa Hewey, 12, District 9 - Silva Mortis by A Proud Bibliophile (5/24) - 1 kill

The Class Clown: Zachary "Zach" Brenn, 15, District 5 - Pawns by foxfox12 (6/24) - 2 kills

The Art of War: Napoleon Walter, 18, District 2 - Project Rebirth by IVolunteerAsAuthor RESURRECTED (7/24) - 1 kill

He was an asshat, but not enough to deserve that death: Napoleon "Nate" Walter, 18, District 2 - Recrudesce by Reader Castellan (8/24) - 4 kills

Watch out, He can Bite: Sylas Troye, 12, District 1 - The Element of Surprise by Greater Glory (9/24) - 0 kills

Enjoying the Small Things in Life: Autumn Roselin, 15, District 9 - Pawns by foxfox12 (9/24) - 0 kills

Needs a Hug: Ryx Marker, 14, District 3 - Let the Good times Roll by LadyCordeliaStuart (11/24) - 0 kills

Bully with Problems: Marshall Dust, 12, District 12 - The Nightmare Dimension by Nautics (11/26) - 1 kill

Nothing Left to Say but Victory: Scipia Karthus, 18, District 2 - Mrs Infamous by timesphobic (13/24) - 3 kills

Poor girl at the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time: Othella Fline, 13, District 8 - Descent Into Madness by LadyCordeliaStuart (15/24) - 0 kills

Evil Mastermind: Alexander King, 13, District 11 - On Thin Ice by Nautics (15/28) - 1 kill

Kill em All: Noah Skall, 17, District 10 - Mrs Infamous by timesphobic (17/24) - 1 kill

He is just very confused right now: Clash Winston, 18, District 1 -Die a hero by Professor R.J Lupin1 (17/24) - 0 kills

Dead Now but I still Love Him: Jet Leather, 13, District 10 - Recrudesce by Reader Castellan (18/24) - 0 kills

Pls win(He lost by the way): Texas Jewal, 18, District 1 - On Thin Ice by Nautics (19/28) - 0 kills

Badass name and ready do die!: Roanoke Arkus, 13, District 7 - Bombs and Bullets by Paradigm of Writing (22/24) - 0 kills

Would be a Communist if He knew it Existed: Rion Dehart, 12, District 11 - To The Wolves by District11-Olive (22/24) - 0 kills

Dynamite: Vanye Taller, 15, District 7 - Die a hero by Professor R.J Lupin1 (22/24) - 0 kills

Old and definitely not socially awkward: Timber Hatchet, 82(!), District 7 - Ohana by santiago.ponici20 (24/24) - 0 kills

The Victors:

Hate the ocean? Pffff, why do that when I can hate myself?: Arthur Singlewave, 16, District 4 - Die a Hero by Professor R.J Lupin1

Place: 1st

Kills: 3 (Rylan D9M, Yama D11M, Warren D6M)

Eulogy: Arthur! Motherfrickin Arthur! You madman actually won! God damn, I'm just so lucky to have my tribute win the first story that has gotten to the end. Arthur just went through just so much shit through the games, with his own ups and downs. Everything from watching his allies die one by one to kill people and feeling immense guilt for it. I love him and I think he has his well-deserved victory. While I conceive he is a Reaped Career, he is far from a Gary Stu since he has his own faults. He bit more than he could chew and was sometimes kinda stupid. But I still loved him, and I'm so happy he made it out alive!

Good luck!

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