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Hello everyone,

So, you're basically wondering why I deleted my stories and changed my name? Okay, a few weeks ago, someone PMed me telling me three of my stories were plagrised. And I would like to say, that I have been receiving help from my friend writing those stories, but it's not like we sit together to write, she e-mails me, and she does the majority of the writing. Majority? Okay, we talk over the phone to know what may happen next and she comes up with better ideas, and once again, it's not like I knew she got those ideas from those books. And if I do, she usually sometimes uses them later, or changes them but it's basically almost the same. But I would like to point out even though those three stories were plagrised, it's not like all of my stories were, remember I wrote 4 stories on my own, plus otheres I have deleted. But it's still not right, for me to post another person's work, even if I wasn't aware, so I deleted everything, it was the right thing to do. As for changing my name, well I was scared and pissed off at the time, and I wished I hadn't because it makes me look one hundred percent guilty, so I would like to apologize to everyone personally. Even though I feel guilty, it doesn't mean I'm going to stop writing new ideas, I will soon, but not right now, I have school, maybe later in the summer, I'll write a new story. Thank You. If you're angry at me or don't believe me, it's fine, really it is. But I just thought you guys have the right to know, and I haven't had time to myself, since I had to study for my mid-terms, but now that I do, here's my apology. I'm sorry.


P.S. If you recieved anything telling you my sister deleted everything, ignore that, that was probably her playing a joke. And if others have recieved a PM from the person who told me, ignore it, I think I should be the one to tell you, not her, it's not her right, it's mine.

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