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Joined Feb '07, Singapore

I am what you think I am.

You will know more about me when the time comes :)

Note: I rarely use the 'favourites' function, that doesn't mean I'm not looking out for good fanfics, just that when I find one I just put in a thoughtful review and then move on.


I always tell other fanfic writers to “keep the good stuff comin !”, but I rarely do so myself. I feel so bad about it, but it can’t be helped cos I’m just not good at weaving lengthy plots. On the rare rare occasion that inspiration strikes, I’ll post it up here … and then forget about it XP.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy my more recent stories.


Starspawn07's Principles of Good Fanfic Reviewing:

- Be clear

- Do not be rude

- Always give suggestions & encouragements

- Do not insist on following canon, just remind the author.

- Do not flame the author for taking the story in a direction you do not like,

- ( rather, the fact that you feel so strongly about the story means it's already an effective piece. )

- Point out anything that makes the story difficult to read ( e.g confusing expressions, messy formatting, overly long descriptions etc )


- star

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