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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to come on my profile! I mostly like to read stories, but I'm gonna try and write some too. Hopefully, I get at least one finished. If I do write stories, I'm gonna try to write longer chapters because short ones tend to be my biggest issue so bare with me, OK? Some things about me... My favorite color is forest green, my favorite fandom is Six of Crows (SOC for short), my favorite author is Leigh Bardugo, my favorite cartoon is Generator Rex, my preferred genre is fantasy, and my favorite type of Fanfics are SYOCs.

Some of my SYOC characters are

-Elora Adina In Total Drama: Blackwing Academy By: GingerFrancophile

-Nilufer Danagari In Total Drama: Enigma Island By: Libra King

-Adrian King In Total Drama: Enigma Island

-Night Channing In The Panemian Official Murder Mystery Game By: Libra King (SYOT Open & Not Yet Reaped)

-Aphiel Nishia In The Panemian Official Murder Mystery Game (SYOT Open & Not Yet Reaped)

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