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Hi Peeps! My name is ZongetsuEqualsLove. No my real name is not Zongetsu, it's from bleach. Otay?

Junk/Stuff about me:

-I am an anime Nerd. Yes I said it, I am a full blown nerd.

-I am a Christian Baptist

-I'm female! Yay! Girls rule.

-I love Gir! (If you don't know who that is, your life is lacking.)

-Hmmm...What else? Oh, Ninja Fred is my sis. Okay, that's that. Now for the ships. Muhahahaha!

Favorite/Okay Ships-

Naruto:Sasuke and Sakura (because they make me happy)

Hinata and Naruto (they are the cutest)

Shikamaru and Ino (dangit, I'm doubting this now because my friend told me logic)

Bleach: Ichago and Rukia (Ummmm...hello)

Chad and Orihemai (totally spelt that wrong)

Fruits Basket- Kyo and Tohru (he just gets her)

Hiro and Kisa (adorbliest)

That sensai lady and Hatori (what is her name?)

Haru and Rin (14th volume people)

Xiaolin Showdown (Yes I watch the show, wait why are you laughing)

Chase and Kimiko(pattern bad boy + good girl, anyone notice?)

Kimiko and Rai(Ninja Fred made me write it!)

List of other shows I watch-

Teen Titans (no laughing this time)

Vampire Princess Miyu (youtube it, you know you want to)

Mekko (diddo, however there are only a few eps. on it)

DNAngel (awesome)

Full Metal Panic (giant robots kool)

Full Metal Alchemist (Al is so cute)

Eureka 7 (her kids make me happy)

Princess Tutu (for this one there is no excuse I'm pathetic)

Angelic Layer (diddo)

Avatar the last airbender (kataang forever) (Ninja Fred: ZUTARA!!!!)

Loki (I can't spell the rest of the title)

Marmalade Boy (It was obviously made in the 70's, but still good)

Witch (it's good except they are younger than I thought)

Ouran High Host Club (YAHOOO)

Time For My Fave Part QUOTES!!!-

Your probably wondering why we tied a squirrel to a megaphone, well goodbye -Dave the barbarian

Dumb, Dumb like a moose.- Invader Zim

Hi floor, make me a sammich.-Gir

I miss my muffin.-Gir

PUNCHY MAN-A friend(I wouldn't ask)

Real world, fantasy, wall separating them,got it??-Me to Ninja Fred

May I have another girl hug PLEASE?-Omi

I watch you while you sleep- Chase Young

One day I'll be there, doing stuff-Dib

Then do Earth boys come with some sort of manual-Starfire

DEATH TO THE INFADEL-Ninja fred (Seriously don't ask)

Yew Noodnick-Me+Ninja Fred

Punch the punching bag-Me (you don't want to know)

They're about to rip each other to shreds and you want to arm them?!-Kimiko

Yesterday she grabs me and kisses me and today she is all like, get off my sidewalk-Matt (W.I.T.C.H.)

Never mock the cookie-Uncle

I will not answer your questions until YOU PUT ON SOME PANTS, SIR!-Me

You could fit one two dead bodies in that trunk- Russian car salesman to my Mom, not even kidding!

If you actually read that all then the Ninja Fred school of comends you and you get a cookie. To receive your cookie get up, go to your kitchen and get one. :)


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