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Hello everyone!PLease check out my stories. They have some chapters, but most are short. I am planning to make stories with more longer Chapters.

Here are things about me:

Favorite Anime In order:
3. Chobits
4. Love Hina
5. Pita Ten

Favorite Naruto Characters-Top5--InOrder-
1. Hinata
2. Sasuke
3. Gaara
(Only in Suppuden EpisodesWhen their older)
5. Kiba,Shikamaru,Neji,and Naruto

Stories thats in Progress:
1. Secrets to be Held ( This may be canceled and deleted from lack of viewers. )
2. Sasuke left Konoha, with Sakura with Him

Stories Soon to be:

I love writing stories about Naruto. Its super fun. Some are weird and some are amazing. Please make sure you stop by one of them and give a reveiw. The best one so far that everyone likes is Sasuke left Konoha, with Sakura with Him I hope you get a chance to read it. The newest one so far is Meant to be' There is One more Uchiha. If you have anything else you want me to put here just give me a mail. Like if you want to know some of my favorite _.

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