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Ok So I will admit I'm a movie geek. And I love to read

My favorite Movies Are The Star Wars saga Pirates of the Caribbean, I also like Indiana Jones and Titanic.

For Books I like Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, The Green Mile and the Lost years of Merlin.

Favorite Anime: Hetalia, The Seven Deadly Sins, Full Metal Alchemist, Assassination Classroom, Black Butler ( Season one), Hellsing

House I would be in Harry Potter: Ravenclaw

Favorite Pairings ( A.N. My requirement for this list is both people involved need to be their own independent Characters one person can not exist just for the sake of a couple in other words they can not be what the Blockbuster Buster refers to as a F.R.I. or Forced Romantic love interest.Favorite ships is a different list.

Captain America: Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter

Star Wars Legends Canon: Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade

Justice league: Batman and Wonder Woman

Harry Potter: Any thing But The canon Pairings

Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman (From the DC Animated Movie)

Castle: Richard Castle and detective Kate Beckett

Favorite Quotes:

“Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick our selves backup” Tomas Wayne And Alfred Batman Begins

“You ether die a hero or live just long enough to see yourself become the Villain” Harvey Dent- Batman the Dark knight ( I like the irony that he’s the one who brought that up).

" Not all those who wonder are lost"- Lord of the rings the Fellowship of the ring

“We are about to enter the biggest scariest Haunted house of them All, the human Mind”- Dr. Hook -Stephen Kings kingdom Hospitle

"Good bye old friend... In the end the world really didn't need a Superman...Just a brave one."- Superman Superman TAS

Favorite Super Heroes (These are in no particular order)

1. Batman

2. Green Lantern (Any of them but Guy)


4. Wonder Woman( depending on how she is Portrayed)

5. Captain America

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