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My name is Monica, and I've been on fanfiction for a while now, so, of course, I've only written a few stories. Some I'll continue someday, but please note that I am horrible at updating stories, but I will try very hard to finish Waterlogged and Right to the Edge (I may have forgotten where I was going with some of those stories though lol). Also, I am Canadian, eh? So what's this all aboot?

I have a current obsession with nalu right now, so sending me ANY prompts would be much appreciated! ANYWAY, i shall now present you with random facts about me:

Favourite Books Harry Potter series, Paper Towns, Divergent, Birthmarked, the Hunger Games, Across the Universe,

Favourite Movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Favourite Shows Merlin (my heart is shattered OK), Supernatural, Legend of Korra, The Walking Dead, New Girl, Class of the Titans, Friends, Fairy Tail, Suits

otps borra, brolin, jay/theresa, nalu, destiel

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