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AO3 for most stories due to ease of use. FF is about to get more traction once again. Wish me luck.

(I don't have reliable computer access and I cannot update on my phone. :jazz hands: yay)

:Story Progress:

Forever New CHANGED TO HIATUS I lost my taste for children being the backbone of a military force. Where are the adults, dammit.

Tipping the Scales CHANGED STORYLINE - BEING REWRITTEN which means this has a few chapters already and I'm actively working to fix my bullshittery by actually researching my own queer community. Welcome to adulthood, I guess. Let's be responsible.

Dimension Warp: The Dangers Of Meddling HIATUS -- RL happened and I got distracted. Challenge from aliengirlguy. I'm not the best, but I have ideas finally after being a sensible human and researching things. Amazing what happens when you do that.

Works of a Mother Hen In Progress! Name: Hamada Akio. Status: Civilian Farmer. Kekkei Genkai: Common Sense.

Works of Witches and Familiars In Progress! Kiki's Delivery Service meets Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir. World building and prose.

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