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Hey, I love to read stories and would love to have my story out there but it just won't work. I just can't get past the first sentence

I can’t write myself, I don’t know why I try really but it never comes out. So I hope someone writes it for me.


The story romance, drama, friendship, humor

  • Like with Free! Iwasaba swimclub.
  • Rin meats a old friend who he met in Australia
  • Girl is a surfer and skates every day to the beach to surf
  • Girl is in dorms at the school of rin
  • Sche was a backpacker in Australia there they met and were best friends.
  • Rin’s friends see a compete diverend side of him that they would never expect
  • Win and they girl start spending a lot of time together ( lots of cute things as in he stopstraing early s he can go to the beach to Wachovia the girl surf)
  • She was bitten by a great white just before it and the girl met.
  • She has a deep big scar on her leg ( a bit like the movie shallow )
  • rin asks if she will help a friend of his fear of the ocean
  • She was best friends with Rin and it grew up in love in this story
  • Rin and the girl starts dating and sometimes sleepover at his Rome where his roommate fiend her in his bed in the arms of Rin ( just sleeping super cute couple things )
  • The boys in the boy's dorm make fun of Rin and her because she often slept in his bed, but they never snitch. She knows practically everyone in the boy's dorm and is friends with them.
  • She can ty with Rin with freestyle but really isn't interested in swimming in a pool. She is rather in the open ocean with the wild waves and the wind in her face on a board.
  • She is sometimes a bit cute crazy but hey, she is Dutch what did you expect ( )
  • Character description

    The Girl

  • She is spontaneous, has no shame and has a lot of humor, she is absolutely not shy and is really annoyed by the girly girls.
  • She is better with boys than girls .
  • She has blond long hear and where’s her bikini alsways unthreatening her uniform ( the uniform that she really hates )
  • She is originally from The Netherlands and has a lot of sass and makes a sometimes fun of her shark boy Rin ( that he rely hates but only except it f on her because he makes fun of her to)
  • She can sing really good
  • She can skate ( sometimes goes on her board with Rin because they are in a hurry ) ( you can see how they goes 2 people on one board holding each other close so they can’t fall of ) super cute
  • Has a hidden talent that only Rin nows about that is that she can sing like really really good
  • She is really not formal but very nice to everyone but only calls them by first name because that is how she always does it
  • Can fix everything with teachers and helps Haru and his friend with there swim club ( makes friend with the blond short hair teacher so that they can keep on swimming)
  • She is funny
  • She has blue eyes almost as deep as Haru's
  • RIN

  • Rin
  • Loves her blond crazy girl
  • He has also a secret talent HE CAN BraiD and braids her hair a lot just because it looks really good on her
  • Is super proud of her girl and shows her af by his friends
  • Has a lot of sleepovers at his room ( his roommate aka his best friend doesn’t really know about til he sees him and her in his bed asleep
  • The boys in the dorm make jokes with his girl and aperantly she and them made a bond to
  • She is friends with almost everybody she meets even though she has different standards and value because she is from the Netherlands ( Holland )
  • Percy Jackson crossovers A story were you really can read the sass from Percy and his friends and how the sereus justice league reacts on that and of course how powerful they are. A lot of humor and sass in the story and a lot of sereus reactions of the justice league and that they do not just escape and trusts them.A story with the avengers WITH SPIDER-MAN lots of fun. Percy and his friends get stuck in NY and are in a lot of danger. Stay at Percy’s hous but it is not safe with al of them there but it is also not an option to spread out The mist is slowly disappearing (mortals starts to see de immortals.Percy still has to go to school so that there isn’t a despicion. Percy and his school goes to tony tower for a field trip. His friends need to go with. Gets atakt at Stark tower (blows up a whole flare in the proses) Tony sees the monsters, helps Percy and his friends, Percy and his friends are being interegaded after atak by him and the avengers, Leo spils the beans ( no surprise there ) , tony is so not excepting that greet and Latin gods insist. But the avengers decide it is for the best if they stay at stark tower for safety ( it’s the only place where the monsters can’t find them )
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