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Hey! My name is Lindsay and I just started my third year of College! I probably laugh as much as I breathe. And if you review my stories, you have probably noticed through my 'thank you's' that I like to laugh!

I just recently started writing FanFics and I don't really consider myself a ''writer'' but I am working on it! I like to write because then I can do things my way. Brucas is all I will write, and if I'm nice to Peyton in my stories, then thats a long shot for me haha. Unless I'm writing her with Jake...I like Jeyton.

I just finished watching Season 4 of One Tree Hill (I started watching it right when season 4 ended, so I bought all the seasons and got caught up, just barely catching up on the 4th season when it came out on DVD) and I couldn't stand it...well at least the parts with Lucas and's like they turned into two completely different people than they were throughout the first 3 was very...uh...odd? It pretty much made me just not really like Peyton that much. I swear she's only tolerable when she is with Jake or actually being a good friend to Brooke and not trying to stab her in the back. Anyways, I'm excited for the 5th season!

My Favorite Shows are:

One Tree Hill- I love Brucas, and I like Naley, and Jeyton...I think thats just how it should be! Pucas is just wrong for so many reasons! Brooke is def. my favorite character on the show. Gotta love teenage angst! I just got all of my friends obsessed with this show and I'm pretty excited about that!

Sophia Bush is an amazing actress and person, she is definitely someone that I look up to.

The O.C.- I like Ryan/Taylor, Seth/Summer. I was sad to see the show end...but I will survive!

Chelsea Lately- Well, because she is freaking funny!

Grey's Anatomy- Great show, I suggest watching it if you don't!

Reno 911- Its just really funny!

My Favorite Music: Kelly Clarkson, The Beatles, Plain White T's, Hot Hot Heat, Dashboard Confessional, Jack's Mannnequin, Rascall Flatts, The Wreckers, Kate Voegele, Matt White, The Veronicas, Saosin, Anberlin, The Format, Gwen Stefani, Colbie Caillat, Angels & Airwaves, Three Doors Down, MoZella, Nada Surf, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC...and much much more!

The Senior Trip, is the first story that I wrote and I'm sure you can tell! It is a OTH story (Brucas). I loved writing it though, it was a very good experience!

My second story, These Days, also a OTH Brucas story and I just completed writing it. I think my writing has improved, and I had a lot of fun writing it! So check it out! This story has been my baby and I love it. I will probably cry when its over, but yeah, it's been great. Thank you to everyone who has loved this story.

I am now writing my third story, Baby, You Wouldn't Last, and I am very excited! This story is a lot of fun to write and I really am having a great time with it. You should probably check it out, it should be a wild ride :) ... I know my updates have been coming a little slower than usual, but I promise I haven't forgotten or given up on this story! I will be updating, just probably not as often as I usually do! So I hope you are all still interested in reading! Thanks for sticking by me through this story!

Also, I have posted two one-shots. The first is called Safe Ride Home and the second is called My Best Friend's Wedding. Sometimes its just fun to write a short, lighter story for a change :)

I want to just give a shout out to all of my faithful reviewers, you know who you are and I love you all :)

Feel free to pm me or email me if you have any questions or comments!

Seeing as I am stubborn and think I have to try everything...I gave a shot at making Brucas videos and I put them on YouTube...they really aren't that good...but you can check them out if you want :)

What I am reading-

Surfaces by Yaba

If you need a good Brucas story to read, I highly recommend this one!

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