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Hello my name is DalyGalaxy I'm a FanFiction author and reviewer.

This is DalyGalaxy I can't wait to be publishing my own stories about my favorite books, comic books, movies, tv shows and video games. I also plan on doing crossovers stories to. I think FanFiction is a great website where you can write what ever you want about your favorite books, comic books, movies, tv shows and video games. Then I even plan on doing interesting crossover stories of them together like combining characters from all sorts of different categories together. With FanFiction the sky is the limit on what you can write about only with books, comic books, movies, tv shows and video games characters. So let your imagination run wild. I feel so great to be an author on this website and I look forward to writing and reviewing stories soon. Read my stories and reviews of others stories.

My favorite movies are: The Godfather trilogy, The Rocky movies, The Star Wars Trilogy, The Blues Brothers, Ghost Busters, The Never ending story, Indiana Jones, ET, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Die Hard, Hunt for Red October, Terminator 2, X-Men film series and The Pokemon movies

My favorite live action tv shows are:

My favorite Cartoon tv shows are: Sesame Street, Garfield, Pokemon, Batman the animated series, Hey Arnold, Spongebob, Dragon Ball Z, South Park, King of the Hill, Family Guy, The Venture Brothers, Happy Tree Friends, Avatar the Last Airbender, Star Wars clone wars, Justice League and Bob's Burgers.

Yes I plan on writing some of my future fan stories of some of them to.

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