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I am a major BATB fanatic! Adam (Beast) lives in my head and gets angry when I don't write more for him. He's basically my Angel of Writing.

Other fandom's I love are Phantom of the Opera, Hamilton, Last 5 Years, all things Disney (Tangled and Little Mermaid are in the top 5), DEH, Harry Potter, Little Women, Jekyll and Hyde, and Chuck! I'm sure there's more...

Writing has become my passion and I'm eager to share my little thought bunnies with the world. I plan to publish original works in the near future.

My Icon is by Panshi_Artista and was a commissioned piece.


Beauty and the Beast

As Old As Rhyme An epic adventure for Belle and Beast that follows the events of As Old As Time by Liz Braswell. We pick up after the castle and its servants have been released from the curse, but Beast remains. Belle and Beast need to find other enchanted creatures and bring them together to collectively break the rest of his curse. But things don't always go as one plans, and through self-discovery Beast learns what it means to be a leader and how to put others before himself. Without author notes its 196,946 words, but the story is broken into two parts. You'll meet many new characters, as well as get to know beloved ones even deeper.

This story has trigger warnings for violence, attempted sexual assault, and sensual thoughts/moments. It's rated T.

In-Between and Beyond: The Beauty and Her Beast. A One-Shot Series We pick up after the Beast gifts Belle with the Library, and the two of them grow closer day by day, month after month. We continue to the night that changes everything and I'll be adding some of their happily ever after. Rated K for some sensual descriptions and thoughts.

Something To Do Belle has spent the last week doing nothing but reading in her beautiful library. The rest of the castle is cleaning, and Belle wants to help, but she'd not going to do it alone. Lots of very sweet, fluffy moments between Belle and Beast as they clean together. Features: Belle, Beast, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, Lumière, Chip and Babette

One Step Forward A storm rages outside and Beast is reflecting on the past few days when his contemplation is interrupted by a scream. He races to help, and it's not what he thinks. A bit of angst as we get deeper into Beast's mind and learn a more about his childhood. Features: Belle and Beast

Home Belle can't believe how well she's fitting in here at the castle, or how comfortable she's getting with the master of the castle. She's realizing that her idea of home is changing and as much as it scares her, she's opening up and so is he. Some really cute moments between them as they share a day in the Library. Features: Belle and Beast

Cold Winter blankets the castle and Belle's come down with an illness. Beast is determined to see her well again, and won't leave her side. This one has some very tender moments, and even some snuggling. Very sweet and fluffy. Features: Belle, Beast, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, Lumière, Chip and Babette

Exploring Recovered from her illness, Belle goes exploring in a closed up wing of the castle, getting turned around and a little lost. But she finds is so much more than she ever imagined and it answers a lot of questions she's kept to herself. Features: Belle, Beast, and Lumière

What's in a Name As much as Belle has uncovered about the mysterious curse on the castle, the one thing she wants to know most is Beast's real name. She comes up with a harmless and cute way to needle it out of him, but maybe it's not as harmless as she thinks. Mostly fluffy and sweet, with a little dip into the serious. Super cute scene with the servants helping Belle come up with hilarious nicknames. Features: Belle, Beast, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, and Lumière.

Heart to Break It's the night of the ball and Beast has never felt this nervous in his life, but he is going to tell Belle how he feels, even if it crushes him. This was from a prompt in The Enchanted Rose Discord group, inspired by the song Heart to Break. We have a lot more angst here as we go from the scene between Belle and Beast on the balcony, through him giving her the mirror and letting her go. Features: Belle, Beast, and Cogsworth

All My Fault As Belle races back to the castle after breaking free from the cellar, she can't help but blame herself for everything that's gone wrong. If she can't save him, she'll never forgive herself. Very, very deep and angsty, plus harm to Beast. This follows the movie from when she is coming back to the castle through Beast's transformation, all done from Belle's perspective. Features: Belle, Beast, Gaston, Maurice, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, Lumière, Chip and Babette

Not a Beast, Not Yet a Prince Alone for the first time since the transformation, Adam has a lot to think about and process as he washes away the evidence of all he's been through. Inspired by a beautiful image by Drawnby27Emilys which is the icon for it, used with permission. Deep angst, and mentions of harm. Features: Beast and Cogsworth

Midnight Confession Belle is plagued with nightmares, and she's not the only one. She seeks comfort in the arms of her love, and they spend the night talking about their pasts, sharing their hopes and dreams for a future together.

Happily Ever... A Prologue Ties the One-Shot series to an upcoming project you won't want to miss! Rated T for sensual moments.

Chapter 1-Versailles Comes Calling The world finally catches up and a visitor from Versailles comes to the castle to evaluate the Prince and his hopeful intended.

Chapter 2- What They've Got Planned The governess from Versailles is making Belle's life a living nightmare, and nothing she does is ever good enough. This wasn't the life she dreamt of a year ago when she escaped the boorish Gaston, but a life without Adam isn't one she's willing to entertain, either.

Chapter 3- Nothing Like the Rest of Us

Chapter 4- Because I Love Her

Crossover Project: COMING SOON!!!

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