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now as far as being harry potter i would stink. i think i would do much better at being a goblin, i may not fight well but i love profit. an any of my stories anyone wants to take over and finish be my guest.

now my year 3000 story is based on the idea from the story 3003. my story is not just the same as it but along the same line of harry ends up 1000 years in the future and has to rebuild the wizarding world he knew.

my idea for nighthawk would be more how i would play harry potter if i was him, namely look out for number 1 myself while making sure i do not step in number 2.

an i do believe that if you are looking for new ideas for stories you should check out my story plots an i do mean all my story plots you may find an idea that will inspire a new story in you just like i did when i read 3003.

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