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Hi! You many know me as Marcy from the Lex and Twilighed, or you may not. Either way, I still am ;)

I'm a happily married 26 year old mother of two adorable little boys. I'm currently in the process of writing an original YA Urban Fantasy (or 2 ) but sometimes other author's characters take root in my mind and won't leave me alone until I tinker with them. This had never happened before I read Twilight, and after writing several stories for that fandom, I thought I was over fanfic for good. Enter Cassandra Clare's Mortal instruments series. Jace and Clary have taken up residence in my head, and aren't leaving me any room for my own characters! I hope the move out before NaNoWriMo starts in November!

I most often write from minor character POVs, because it is just such a challenge and a treat to get in their minds, and to look at how the different aspects of the story affect them, as well.

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