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NAME: Not telling you my real name, obviously. However, I've been known to use the aliases NightShadeQueen or Corpus Callosum.
AGE: 20.

My Work

I love writing and I've been writing from a very young age. Most of my early stuff, frankly, sucked (and that's why they got deleted.) Thankfully, I've matured as a writer since then. Of course, I'm still looking to improve, and I'd greatly appreciate feedback. PMs or reviews, I don't care. Feedback just rocks.

I don't update to a schedule. Sorry. I'm a busy student with a sucky internet connection. Bar a tragic accident however, I will finish my stories. Eventually. I promise that. I try to update something once a week, but I'll be the first to admit that that doesn't always happen.

15 Sept 2010: Note: Make that updating whenever I have time to (aka not often). Sorry, but I have college apps to write, 19 credit-hours of courses, and a number of competitions in this semester. I'll try to update. Just don't expect it. Sorry.

Review Swaps:

My general policy on reviews roughly go like this:

  1. I generally won't bother with constructive criticism unless you request it.
  2. I like constructive criticism.
  3. If you review (or PM) me with constructive criticism, with emphasis on the criticism, I will review something of yours in return. With constructive criticism. I'm specifically only counting reviews/PMs that mention at least one thing I'm doing wrong. Please tell me what you'd like to see reviewed in return.


I will pretty much read and write anything when it comes to pairings. That said, I will announce major canon pairings in the summary/extended summary/both, since apparently some people get annoyed if they accidentally read a pairing they don't like.

However, I tend towards a more fluid approach to pairings. Just because two characters are paired together doesn't mean they'll stay together. I may pair them with someone else later.

I like screwed-up relationships, and I like one-sided relationships as well. So just because two characters are paired together doesn't mean that they'll be happy.

Slash: I will write slash (occasionally). If you are absolutely, utterly, and completely opposed to slash, I would advise you to stay away from my stories. However, I don't think I handle slash the way most stereotypical authors handle it. I don't force together two characters just because I think they'd be hot together.


I tend to have a considerable number of original characters in my stories. If you dislike original characters, please simply refrain from reading my fanfiction. However, I would greatly appreciate con-crit on the characterization of my OCs.

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