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WAIT -- before you continue: I AM WEIRD

You have been warned, and now you may proceed, enjoy!


Age: 18, and I am in the process of finals week (yes, I am a freshman in college)

COLLEGE, yes it was necessary to say it again, in fact, C.O.L.L.E.G.E

I feel old...oh well, moving on.


In addition to my fanfiction account I also have a Deviantart; it has a fair amount of pics, it is under Lebrezie91210.


I would just like to say (before you guys venture into the depths of my profile page) that if you read and review for my stories I will most definitely review for yours! All you have to do is ask!


Feel free to PM me at anytime, I love talking to people and am good at thinking of spur-of-the-moment random topics to rant about. :)



COLLEGE (hehe, I can never say it enough)

I am working towards getting a B.A with a concentration on Art History and a double minor in English and Renaissance Studies.

I want to use my degree in Art History to get into Architecture school because (drum roll please) I want to become an


I play Ultimate Frisbee on the club team at my school and we are currently training for Regionals.

{our mascot is the Yeti and yes, we are badass}

I also like to clean, I know it is weird, but it is more of a stress release.


My favorite parrings:

If you find any really good stories about them please tell me, thanks.

Kingdom Hearts

Namine xx Roxas

Kairi xx Sora


Satoshi xx Risa

Blue Bloods

Schuyler xx Oliver

Bliss xx Dylan

Jack xx Schuyler

Fruits Basket

Kisa xx Hiro

Kyo xx Tohru

House of Night

Heath xx Zoey

Zoey xx Stark

Avatar: the last airbender

Katara xx Zuko

Mortal Instruments

Jace xx Clary

Clary xx Simon


Favorite Love Triangles:

Roxas xx Namine xx Riku/Sora

Heath xx Zoey xx Stark

Sora xx Kairi xx Riku

Zuko xx Katara xx Jet

Oliver xx Schuyler xx Jack

Simon xx Clary xx Jace


Favorite games:

Kingdom hearts II

Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Guitar Hero


Fave quotes: (mostly from fanfiction)

"Mommy, i love cows, can i pretty please get a moo?" - Rioxane12

"Oh my, gosh! OOOO! Roxas and Namine sitting in a tree doing something they shoudn't be, it beings with s and ends with x. Oh my, gosh it must be sex!" - ILOVEAnime65

"And so god created the monster..." -AyumiSunset

I sighed, no matter who's beside me. No one knew what it was like Behind My Blue Eyes. - kinmoku2

Once a war happens, the fate of the whole world changes. How? Because someone always dies. When one person dies, the rest of the world lives their whole lives one person short. - Ellie0223

I now knew that I had a soul, for how could anyone experience so much torture without one? - DQRC


Unfortunately, because I now have to be an adult (which means 5 classes and 3 jobs) I hardly have time to update and/or read many of the stories I used to watch like a hawk for updates. This is sad but true, luckily summer is coming and hopefully I will have more time to read and write. Thank you to all those who have been patient, hopefully i'll be back soon!! 

If you read my entire profile then lots of love to you too!

Check out my stories, if you review, I guarantee I will do the same to yours!

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