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ObsessiveCompulsiveReading PM
Joined Mar '07

The full moniker is: ObsessiveCompulsiveReadingDisorder

I, admittedly, spend the majority of my free ( and not-so-free) time reading. Lately, I have been preferring non-canon couples and I float from Verse to Verse.

Once upon a time, I tried to be a writer, but I have found overtime that I simply do not have the talent nor the patience to work a story into full fruition. An unfortunate, but true, fact. However, the appeal for me has always been reading: the thrill of finding a fantastic plot line, the appreciation for great character creation, and the cathartic release of finishing (whether that be the chapter or the story).

If you stumble upon this profile, feel free to look into my favorites and find something you might enjoy. I go through it periodically to filter out the mush.

Also: still looking for a certain Inuyasha Fanfic, centered around Dr.Suikotsu working at a mental hospital, treating a modified version of the Band of Seven - criminals, each dubbed criminally insane, all while hiding his own dual personality.

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