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Joined Mar '07

Pennames: HurtMe, MakeMeYours

Favorite Authors: Suzanne Collins, Jared Diamond, Neil Gaiman, Charlaine Harris, Anne Rice, J.K. Rowling, Orson Scott Card, David Sedaris

Random Stuff About ME:

I love strawberry pocky. It's one of my favorite 'I shouldn't be eating this' treats.

90's alternative rock is pure perfection.

I have a cigarette or two when I drink. It's one of the only times I can get away with smoking without receiving a lecture from friends about how bad it is for me.

I like to read on the train when its raining. It's very peaceful.

White chocolate mochas are my favorite hot coffee.

I've never been able to keep a house plant alive.

Clowns scare me.

I find cooking relaxing.

I love wasting time watching youtube videos.

Mexican food is the best.

After living in my current appartment for over a year, I still get disoriented when I have to get up in the middle of the night. It's seriously annoying.

I'm a novice digital artist (meaning that I suck, but I try).

I'm allergic to shellfish. It doesn't bother me. I don't like seafood.

I visit the zoo in every major city I travel to.

When I needed to take a random elective in college, I always took Anthropology or History. My major was accounting.

Nerd Alert!! I play World of Warcraft.

I write everyday. Sometimes for a couple of minutes. Sometimes for several hours.

I write original fictions as well as fan fictions (duh).

The first book I ever chose to read was Interview with a Vampire. To this day, it's still my favorite book.

I have a huge crush on Trent Reznor.

My Fan Fictions:

I write fictions with adult themes. You will never find anything lower than a mature rating for any of my stories. These ratings are well earned through violence and/or sexual content. My stories often vary in genre. They are sometimes fluffy, usually angsty, and often a tad controversial (drug use, incest, etc.).

I write Slash. I have tried many times over to write a heterosexually influenced story, and I always end up getting deathly bored with the pursuit.

I enjoy reviews. They motivate me and give me ideas for the course of plotlines. I generally don’t respond to really short reviews. I still appreciate them, but don’t be surprised if you don’t receive a response from me.

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