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If you are wondering, I took all my fics down. When I first made this account I was going though a rough patch in my life and I thought that writing would help me maintain what little sanity I had left. I was proud of my fics because it proved that I wasn't worthless and that I was actually good at something. Well I was going through my fics and it made me realize that I can't really write at all. I usually spend more time reading and reviewing than anything else anymore and it's not for lack of trying. I've tried to write and I haven't been able to. It also doesn't help that I have lost interest in what I used to write about.

I'm going to be doing some soul searching for a while. If I drop in to read something (which won't be often) then I'll make time to review. With this site I've to figure out things about myself but now I need to be away from it.

I want to thank the few people who reviewed my stories. I enjoyed hearing your words.

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