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About Me

Hello all, my name is J! Actually, I go by Rocky online, so I'll probably ask to be called that, but I'll honestly answer to just about anything. (In fact, if you yell any name loud enough, chances are I'll turn and look at you intently.) While a lot of my focus in life is on math and science, I do a lot of writing on the side. I absolutely adore creative writing, both for its cathartic potential and because it's art that I can actually create and enjoy the final product of. (I don't really have any other artistic talents, unfortunately. x3)

I write mostly angst and highly-emotional pieces, and I love when there's a lot of tension or hatred around. Genuine hatred, I mean, not that sort of hating-but-not-really pigtail-pulling stuff that some people call "hatred". I seem to be preferring slash lately, but I'll read and write just about any coupling as long as there's passion. I write mostly long pieces, though I do have a few shorts and one-shots in the works. In fact, I have a ton of crap in the works. I tend to attack writing projects with a violent fervor at the beginning and sort of through the middle, but I have a hard time actually completing anything. It's because I have so many writing projects started/abandoned right now that I can't really make a list of upcoming stories.

A basic rundown of me would be this: female, pan-sexual, American, Independent and quite the Seattlite. (Er, Seattle, WA resident.) And by Seattlite, I really mean the whole nine-yards. Carrying my laptop with me, armed with a Starbucks card, being a "freelance writer", enjoying art, being gay (Not that that's a requirement, but we're rather known for it. x3), being a quite worker during the day and hitting the lights at night. Whoo!

About My Stories

Birchpaw: A Confession has been officially abandoned. It's so outdated, I can't even remember what I was going to write in the first place. I like the writing quality, though, and so many people have favorited it that I kept it up anyway.

A Very Underestimated Emotion is a Jacob/Edward story that takes place during Eclipse. Not during the time-frame--during the entire plot of Eclipse. The story literally overlays the novel, and even I was surprised at how well everything fit. I practically converted myself to the shipping. This story is highly emotional and features two boys with a lot of issues that they work out and deal with together, so don't expect much straight-forward love in that one. There is love, though. But be warned--my happy endings are never exactly perfect.

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