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I am an avid reader of Sci Fi, romance and other types of fiction. TOS Star Trek, Star Trek Enterprise, The X Files and House are some of my favorite TV Shows. The Star Trek Reboot movie, re ignighted by love of all things Trek, but especially Spock and Uhura! I am now a die hard Spock/Uhura shipper!

I have read a few great TOS Kirk/Uhura stories, but Spock and Nyota float my boat much more. I also love Tucker and T'Pol, Mulder and Scully and House and Cameron. Thank goodness there are such wonderful fic writers out there that can let me indulge in my ships to my hearts content. There are also some Sarek and Amanda stories that I have enjoyed as well.

I watch Heroes just to see Zachary Quinto, one of the sexiest men on the planet. I love his version of Spock in Reboot too. Zoe Saldana is my sheroe, just a beautiful and talented woman with a lot of class! I thought she was wonderful in Avatar. I can't wait to see the next Star Trek movie in 2012, until then I will just read, read, read!

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