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I am in my late teens, possessing brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses. That is all.

Everything has been deleted due to my deplorable skills in English. As it is my second language, I really should have thought better of posting stories in the first place.

My apologies for taking up your time.

If you were even remotely interested in the fanfics, you will find them listed by title below. As they were an integral part of my writing experience, I feel that it should be acknowledged at least. Without further ado;

The Singer of all Souls- In the Kingdom of Tortall. The story of the bards and how they came to be, as well as a revival of this craft.

A Woman's Worth- Skip Beat! Wherein Kyoko learns of the things that go on behind the scenes. Tech stuff, how to paint a realistic background, lights, prop moving etc. Essentially what she's doing in canon but to a greater extent.

An Enigma

SPHQ- Harry Potter. Originally an idea for how the other countries are shaped by magic. But meh.

Softly Spinning Strings- Twilight. When I was trying to make it a more bearable series. Bella is a quart fairy. I know, freaking Mary Sue right there huh? But that was my explanation for why he found her compelling because fairies are full of magic, and supernatural beings are naturally attracted to this. As in Anita Blake, etc.

Thanks to everyone who ever gave me a review, I appreciated hearing feedback.

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