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Info about characters:

Name: Hina Morgan

Fandom: My Hero Academia

Quirk: Radiation Immunity. She could walk through Chernobyl and spend years inside with zero damage. An interesting detail about her quirk is that it completely negates all quantum tunnelling, even neutrinos can't pass through her body. No one knows where the energy or momentum go or why it doesn't heat up her body, she hypothesised that it goes into another dimension. As a side effect, her skin is unaffected by the UV radiation from the sun, so she can't tan and will forever look very pale, and will need to take Vitamin D supplements to stay healthy (which is how they discovered her quirk in the first place).

Bonus fact about her quirk: Because her quirk negates all quantum tunnelling, Mirio can't phase through her with his quirk, and Sir Nighteye can't see her future.

Background: She is a half Japanese, half Australian woman who moved to Japan as an adult for work. When she was a kid, she wanted to become a hero, but when she discovered her quirk, she realised it was an unrealistic dream for her and gave up. Both her parents are musicians, and she has a perfect pitch (unrelated to a quirk), but no passion for music, much to the disappointment of her parents.

During a test for a system she is developing for her startup, she encountered a possible lead on a case of human trafficking ring that was being covered extensively on the news, but because of the location some of the messages are being sent from, she deduced it is likely that at least one person in the police is involved. This is why she went straight to Sir Nighteye's agency directly and offered to volunteer her hacking and cryptography skills to aid in their investigation.

Appearance: Hina is a woman of average height, but thin. Not enough to make people worry, but thinner than average. Her hair is dark brown and her skin is extremely pale as if it has never been exposed to sunlight (a side effect of her quirk).

She is extremely intelligent, though not on the level of Nezu. She prides herself on her wide scientific knowledge, her rationality, her ability to stay calm, and her hobby in hacking and cryptography. She is a utilitarian, and attempts to maximise utility in her decisions and actions (though she doesn't always sticks to it when she gets distracted).

Despite her mother being Japanese, Hina only really started learning Japanese properly as an adult when she decided to move there, and so she is not fluent in Japanese.

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