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Current Status: 5/10/14: Hi, everyone. I joined Fanfiction back in the Spring of 2007. It's been a good seven years, but I think it's time to put aside writing. For those who enjoy my stories and want more, I'm sorry, but at the moment, I no longer feel inspired to write. The writing process is no longer fun for me, and it has become more of a chore than anything, and is physically draining. As of now, there is likely to be no more new stories unless inspiration suddenly strikes.

To everyone who has read and reviewed my stories: thank you! :) I will try to contact each of you individually with a personal thank you.

The Santa Carla Chronicles (Lost Boys):

1) The Only Way- This is the story of how Max turned David. After the earthquake David wakes up with amnesia. He pieces together the events of the fateful night and realizes what Max had to do in order to ensure his survival.

2) Curtis (in-progress)- This was originally a side story to Runaway, but when I decided to add the chronicles, it became its own story. It's the story of Max's second son who becomes so dangerous that he orders David to execute him.

3) Runaway- Marco is fed up with being the youngest and having to follow David's demands. After being humiliated and almost suffering physical consequences Marco runs away. Being so young he makes fatal mistakes which catches the attention of California authorities who ultimately hire the most deadly of vampire assassins. David and his brothers must find Marco before the police or the slayer does, or before Max is forced to ask David to execute Marco as he did with Curtis.

The Broken Series (Kingdom Hearts):

1. Birth of the Nocturne-When the murderer of Myde's wife and unborn child is released on a technicality, the kind and calm man snaps. This is the story of how Myde lost his heart and became the nobody Demyx. There are a few graphic details in this story, and lots of angst and horror, so reader discretion is advised.

2. Ten Years Too Late-Lumaria has recently lost his heart and is brought to the Castle that Never Was, where he meets up with his old friend Demyx, and his old lover, Vexen, who had vanished ten years prior. It takes place a year after Birth of the Nocturne, and makes several references to it, but it is more of a drama/angsty story rather than the horror/suspense of the other two.

3. Breaking Point-Axel and Roxas notice an odd change in Demyx's behavior, and the former attempts to confront him about it when Roxas is scarred after what happened on the battlefield. Demyx keeps chanting that they have no hearts, as he tries to cope with the event that happened with Xemnas two weeks prior. This story includes heavy graphic violence, blood, and horror. Reader discretion is advised.

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