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Hi Person Looking At My Profile!

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson & the Olympians

If I were in these books, I would be a/an . . .

HP: Slytherclaw. Mostly Slytherin. Pure-blood. Quidditch Team Member As Seeker. Avid Potion-Maker.

THG: Citizen of District Seven. Rebel Supporter. Refugee of District Thirteen. Survivor of the Rebellion.

PJO/HOO: Roman Demigod. Camp Jupiter. Centurion. Third Cohort. Child of Mercury, Legacy of Pluto.

About My Stories:

I do not own my stories' cover pictures, unless explicitly stated otherwise, or the fictional works that my fanfics are based on.

I mostly do one-shots but sometimes I do multi-chapter fics. I have no specific schedule for my stories' updates. No promises.

I often edit my stories to improve the quality of my writing, so feel free to check them out again, even if you've read it before.

~ Starlene Ashes

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