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chuckles* hello there everyone! i am Mark The Gamer of Grima! "I am the Wings of Despair, the Breath of Ruin, I am The Fell Dragon Grima!" *sigh* enough with the theatrics Grima! Anyway, we are here today to give you some information about myself! "But not too much information, of course. after all, everyone has their secrets!" Yes, indeed Grima. on with the show!

We hang out a lot in my Mindscape, but my true home will always be Valla! its a good thing that Anankos' curse doesnt work here! *chuckle* Not that it would anyway, he is dead after all, along with that other threat, however, I haven't gotten to it in my main story yet, so thats all Im going to say, so good luck figuring it out till then! ;3

"The Fleshling here acts differently depending on the mood, however, he will almost always act mischievous at the same time, so you better watch out for that!" GRIMA! THATS NOT FUNNY!

A-anyway, I also love Puns, so you might catch me make a Pun or two, or mention some people I watch on Youtube that makes Puns, Example here is Chuggaaconroy!

"now we get into the fun part, you see, despite the fact that he mainly is in his Mindscape nowadays, he is capable of summoning the thing you Humans call a 'TV', so we can watch 'Anime" and play 'Video Games', kinda like the Ability the Fleshling here has, now that i think about it."

Favorite Anime: Fairy Tail, Dog Days, Sword Art Online, Pokemon, Persona 5 The Animation, RWBY, and SOOOOOOO MUCH MORE!

Favorite Video Games: Persona 5 Royal, Fire Emblem series (ironic, considering i was technically born in one), Pokemon series, Mario series, Undertale, Touhou, Kirby, Monster Hunter series, Splatoon series, Dark Souls series, Xenoblade series, Legend of Zelda series, Animal Crossing Series, Minecraft (especially after its gained popularity again), and SOOOO MUCH MORE!

Name: Why, Mark The Gamer of Grima, of course! but you guys can call me Mark if you ever PM me!

Age: Now why would I tell you that? after all, its part of the surprise! ;3

Favorite Animal: I am very fond of Neko's, enough said.

Something I am willing to share: well, only one thing really, I am a HUGE Otaku, I really Love Japan, partially because it reminds me of Hoshido, but I love Japan for a lot of its unique stuff!

And thats about it, i have two stories up currently, and a third one thats up on my Buddy Antex-The Legendary Zoroark's page, so make sure you check him out! and also be sure to check out SilverTheSwordsman, after all, he is collaborating with me in my second story, which features an alternative version of yours truly!

This is Mark The Gamer of Grima, waving farewell, along with a hope that people can get through the trying times, now, and in the Future!

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