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Ummmm, hi! I don't really know what to put here, so I'll just put the usual.

Gender: Even though this is a rather sexist question, female and proud!

Intrests: Environment, reading and writing, (duh), anime and manga; espically: Naruto, Bleach and Fruits Basket. And Ouran Host Club, but I finished the anime for it and the library only has two volumes. :( If anyone knows of any really good others, please tell! I love scary stories and thrillers and such, and sometimes I go outside in the creppy woods after I read one for the heck of it. I'm not very smart, but I really try and care about my friends and I really care about them and I love to hang out with them.

Family: A big one, 2 sises, (1 older, 1 younger (EVIL LITTLE GIRL!!!)) 2 bros (both older), 2 parents, 2 dogs (love em), a bird (who hates me), and a hamster (he's my little siss, but I'm getting one really soon.)

Yeah, boring and stupid I know, but I don't even thing anyone even reads these. O well, I'm gonna start working on my first fic soon! It's a naruto one- there's so many of them!

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