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He-Hey please senpai don't break me. or He-Hey please, senpai don't break me(?)

He-Hey senpai dont break me please.

He-Hey senpai please don't break me.

He-Hey senpai, Please don't break me.

Which one's the best worded? Personally I think the second one is the best, but grammatically the 4th one is probably the best, the english language is fascinating since even if something is worded incorrectly it can still be correct, all 5 of these sentances just WORK. Some work better then the other ones but it still all means the same thing, does it not? Or is it just me?

I'm just a massive weeb with a little bit of proficency for the english language. I'm not going to tell you what age I am since I might get banned from the site tee-hee. I love reading fanfiction and I have no idea why people are so pre-judiced against it, probably because they think it's all about sex and degeneracy (kind of is tho) but there ARE true pieces of art on this site too. Never liked real/proper books, they're too "censored" for me, they don't feel like the true words from an author. Since they have to follow guidelines and whatnot, this site has no such restrictions. Which is what drags me to it. Royal-road is much the same, which is why I love that site too.

This is my profile, I post on it what I want to post. I'm not going to post those 2000line long descriptions and no "man codes" either, those are annoying and I feel annoyance whenever I need to scroll down past them to get to people's favourites. Not gonna tell people to stop doing it since I don't really care what other people put into their descriptions, I usually don't really read them anyway.

New to writing, never really wrote before except for school, Little short stories and that. Hopefully I don't give up halfway through my first fic but no guarantees. I'm a pretty laid back dude If I do say so myself, but I like to act uptight but mostly just to piss people off, since they know I'm laidback. My friends are weebs just like me, the thing I hate about them the most is that they like one piece (nothing wrong with one piece, just dont like it) and they have the guts to not like high school dxd (even tho they wont even check it out, which is completly judging a book by its cover)

I don't like the fate series either but that's just because theres SOO much, I swear there's like 11 anime's with the name of fate (right? right??)

Anyways, below is my first attempt at a fanfiction, feel free to grab a whip and whip my grammar into shape, flames shall be ignored, or at best laughed at. Good day peoples

I saw people do this thing where they try to describe their characters, I thought it looked kinda cool so ima do it too. Judge me not.

Ira:A sociopath with a genius level intellect that got bored from going to school, and generally being normal too. So he became a successfull assassin at the age of 13 Until he got bored of that too, and decided to let himself be killed by explosion-kun. His genius level intellect is responsible for becoming bored of the world, He saw everything in black and white, either interesting or not. Which lead to developing a slight case of depression, insanity, and various other mental diseases. Nothing strange.

( the reference in that is one of the anime that made me cry, the movie of it)

Ignore the fact I have more authors favourited then stories, It matters not.

Also posting heir of the artificial gamer system on royalroad. And webnovel as Josh Lucifer :3


Story challenge thing: I've got an idea that I've been searching for on this website forever, I haven't been able to find anything like it however and I thought "what if I just ask someone to make it a thing?" Anyways, the challenge is to write a story/oneshot where a Male MC gets transported to different horror worlds like infinity terror, but instead of getting scared and eaten, the mc rapes the monsters instead. Pm me any stories that you write and or find that fit this description :), I'll favourite it.

Another one would be doom slayer, but instead of slaying demons he slays the pussy of demons, quite self explanatory. Pm me any stories that you write and or find that fit this description :), I'll favourite it.

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