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Otokage PM
Joined Mar '07

Name: Otokage

Age: Wouldnt you like to know?

Sex: Male

Height: 110'. IMMA GIANT! RAWR! (nah, actually 6'1".)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Sea-Blue, Sapphire-Blue, Very Blue

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Interests: Reading, writing, kendo training, martial arts, kick boxing, reading, running, chess, mythology, the japanese culture and history, archery, and preparing myself against the rise of the undead.

Likes: walking along beaches, walking in hills, walking in forests, walking in fields, snowball fights, sledding, rain, mist, fog, wind, snow, hail, sleet, drizzle, nekos, sexy nekos, nekos in clothing, nekos without clothing (kidding), wolves reading, writing, good stories, mythology, night, stars, moon, moonflowers, flowers in general, trees.

Dislikes: People who break my heart, or backstab me, abortions, people who take credit for my work, sunny days, people whose profiles have those bloody advertsisements that go 'CLICK ME AND WIN A FREE PRIZE!!', stuck up kids, people who hurt others physically, verbally, or emotionally for no reason other then that they enjoy it, and cats. I'm sorry to all those people out there who love cats. Believe me, I love kittens. And nekos. But an actual cat? No. They scratch. And I have scars. & stiches. And that is why I hate cats.

Status: Single (pending)


the symbol of anxiety, sorrow

and memory

Its hard to believe

that once great warriors

were looking at them and now

nobody is there to watch

them blossom

and die

and worship them
yesterday they blossomed

they die


just like our lives

and tomorrow

there'll be nobody

to watch them.
Time is money
sakura is happiness

and appreciation of life

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