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Echoes in Eternity: Copies were found! On an old hard drive. Thank God. Now I just need to rework them a bit and go from there.

Finding the Sun Again: Hey look at me actually updating stuff. Go check out chapter 7 (which is technically the 8th chapter on the site cause there's a prologue).

Girls Are Weird: Wow, what a silly little story in retrospect. Not bad for a first try I guess but I could've done a lot more with it. Please Read and Review. I always accept criticism as it's the only way I'll get better at writing

New and Improved Naruto Top 10 List

1. Shadows of Konoha by Amora Journeys A truly amazing story that is on par skill wise with best selling authors. It begins at the end of the 4th Shinobi war and the defeat of Tobi/Madara. Naruto is still a naive teenager trying to find his way in the world when Tsunade suggest ANBU to him. Little does he know that ANBU will change his life forever. It will constantly test him and put his whole moral code in question. We watch Naruto grow from the wet behind the ears knucklehead into a seasoned bad ass in the most realistic portrayal of character growth I've seen on this site. Nothing comes easy. Mistakes will be made. Friends will be lost. All that matters is having the will to keep going. The Will of Fire.

2. The Newest Challenger by Kenchi618 For those that don't know Kenchi by now on the site, you are missing out on the most entertaining writer going. He's not always the most eloquent but his stories are fun and Naruto leads pretty epic adventures throughout many different settings. This story is set in the Street Fighter universe and how Naruto's life unfolds after being transported to this unknown dimension right after his battle at the VOTE. Very good read. You won't be disappointed.

3. Way of the Rattlesnake by Darthemius This is by far the most fun, evil Naruto fic on the site. He is just a right bastard in almost every situation. Even when you think, oh maybe he's going to turn it around and turn to the path of good, BOOM he stabs a friend right in the back. The funniest part is that you still are rooting for Naruto the whole way. Very entertaining story.

4. The Harsh Truth by Shadenight123 Starts with a simple premise. What if Naruto was born 5 years earlier. From there the author spins an incredible web of deceit and lies that change the shape of the shinobi world as we know it. Incredibly well written with a monstrous amount available so far at almost 400k words in 2 months. Excellent read.

5. Time Braid by ShaperV A Sakura-centric fic. Somewhat similar to Chunin exam day but with an actual plot. Sakura notices that she keeps repeating the day of the Chunin Exam over and over again. At first she panics thinking she's being punished for something. But gradually she starts to do things out of boredom. She trains and learns new things becoming stronger until one day she runs into the real Naruto. He's also stuck in time loops but in a different one from her. Their shared loop brings her hope that one day they could escape. But Naruto isn't the only one looping. Someone with far more sinister intentions is in there with them. What will happen if Naruto and Sakura can't get things figured out in the universe before their world is destroyed? It's complete so read on and enjoy.

6. The Good Left Undone by Darth Malleus I never thought the Naruto universe and the Star Wars universe could be successfully merged into a coherent and enjoyable story. This story proves me completely wrong. An unbelievably awesome tale of Naruto showing up in the wrong place at the right time to hopefully help set the galaxy on a better path than the one the Sith have in mind. You won't be disappointed by this one if you're a fan of both stories.

7. Better Left Unsaid by Kenchi618 This is probably my favorite regular Naruto story of Kenchi's. Naruto doesn't find out about the Kyuubi from Mizuki. He is killed before he can reveal his secret. Naruto continues to grow on a cohesive team of Ino and Shikamaru. Find out what hijinks they get into. The story has heart and soul. You feel good having read it.

(NEW) 8. Life in Konoha's ANBU by Shezza88 Another great ANBU fic. Naruto is the secretary for Sarutobi. He has been fully trained as an ANBU and as a diplomat. At 12 years old, he is Sandaime's top representative for the village. That doesn't mean Sarutobi doesn't give him crap for it though. An excellent tale of how Naruto grows into his ridiculous expectations amongst a world of S-rank ninja that are out to kick his ass. He's incredible for a 12 year old but he continually finds himself in situations that are far beyond his current level of skill. Find out how Naruto would act as a polite, special agent for Sarutobi meant to be the face of the village.

9. Everyone Has Darkness by Darthemius If you like an overpowered, evil Naruto that uses real world wrestling and pop culture references, than this fic is for you. It can't really be taken seriously but it's just a fun read. You'd be surprised at some of the character development though. It's complete so enjoy.

(NEW) 10. Echoes » by Kagaseo An excellent multiverse tale. Naruto battles Orochimaru during the Yamato spy mission with Sakura and Sai. All hell breaks loose though. Sai turns on them. Orochimaru triggers something in Naruto's seal and BAM, he's transported to another universe. He encounters an alternate version of himself known as Naruko and helps her to have a better begining to her ninja career. Tragedy strikes her though as well and Naruto is again transported to another dimension with Naruko begining an unbelievable series of events that lead to discovering many new companions and enemies that are Narutos and not. It's a fanatastic read with over 400k written. Worth spending a couple weeks on.

Underviewed Stories

I wanted to start a list of stories I feel are good to great but for some reason just aren't getting the views they should. I'll add more as I go.

Living an Indoctrinated Dream by Aberron A Mass Effect story from the view point of the Illusive Man (Jack Harper). Humanity is lost at the end of the reaper invasion when Shepard is indoctrinated into letting the Reapers win. As TIM lays there clinging to his last bits of mortality, he manages to use the reaper technology they implanted into him to send himself back in time or is it all just another reaper manipulation. Either way, this will scratch your itch for an exciting Mass Effect tale with a very different twist.

Not All Heroes are Famous by Kazu-Kun999 This is a cute little tale about Naruto learning of his parents early by an OC who knew them. Seems like a cliched plot to start with but the story is pretty well done. It's not a masterpiece by any means but it does have good grammar and an above average vocabulary. To go with that, the interactions between Naruto and Ino as well as Hyakkimaru (OC) with Anko are playful and entertaining. It only has 13 reviews right now and it's been out since June of 2011! There's no reason why this shouldn't have more reviews when other stories of utter nonsense have well over 500. Help this writer out and show him some support.

Shadows of Konoha by Amora Journeys It's #1 on my top 10 but for some reason, this story only has 400 reviews. That is abysmal for a story of this magnitude. The author updates on a regular schedule. He has had this story out since October of 2011 and it has over 300k words. What's not to enjoy? People always complain about not finding good stories. Well this my friends is one of the best on the site. Go and read it.

Old Top 10 Naruto List (Pre 2011: Some of these are probably dead at this point.)

1. A Mother's Love » by lord of the land of fire Moved to #1! This story will never, EVER leave #1 unless a magnificent work of art comes along. This tale makes me wish it was canon. They should make the anime out of this. It would have so much more popularity then. A truly epic Naruto tale. It starts out with a simple premise. What if Naruto's mother survived? From there it takes what you know about the canon Naruto-verse and totally flips it on its head. The character and plot development is astounding. For a writer that pumps out chapters like they are going out of style, he certainly doesn't skimp in the quality department. Its a NaruHina pairing but that isn't the main driving force to the story. The story is how Namikaze Naruto grows up destined to be the greatest ninja ever and the trials and tribulations he goes through to get there. You'll like, I guarantee it.

2. The Gambit » by 50caliberchaos A more realistic view of the Naruto storyline. People die. Relationships are made and broken. Heartbreak ensues. Its difficult to explain but this fic is well done. It is the author's version of how Naruto canon should be. I can't help but agree that it makes for a good story. It is a NaruIno relationship with some NaruSaku moments. Very big surprises though around every corner. Definitely worth reading. The author promised that this is a trilogy. Second installment, "ShadowDawning" has begun. I can't wait to see the entire thing.

3. Genius of Konoha » by mrriddler Very well written story. Naruto is a certifiable genius. He enters ANBU under an alias of Genji while still having the cover of an idiot genin. Only Sarutobi and 2 others know who he really is. Naruto becomes responsible for the safety of the village during the Chunin Exams after having found about an imminent invasion. Its an intriguing tale with some very mature content violence-wise.

4. Rewrite:The Ice Princess of Konoha » by DsirinWsdm Was my absolute FAVORITE Naruto FanFic till the original author stopped writing it. Now I will hold judgement on the new author to see where he takes it. Not enough written about the minor characters and thats usually a good thing because people rarely get it right. However, this story of Hanabi and Naruto is so captivating that i just can't stop thinking about it.

5. The Melt » by pudgypudge This author is incredible. He updates his stories at a phenomonal pace. The Melt is the best of all his tales, IMO. Check out his profile though for all the stories he has made. They are all worth it. The Melt is a story about Naruto growing up in the Sarutobi household believing he was a Sarutobi. He is groomed to become the Godaime since he was 5 years old. The key to finding out his heritage though is discovering his bloodline. Quite possibly the best assassination bloodline ever. It's a great tale with the sideplot of Naruto's romantic life. Pudge hasnt named a pairing so the reader is left guessing who he will end up with. Thats half the fun of the story. Definitely a must read.

6. Tuebor » by Hugplx Naruto is the same age as Itachi and Yuugao. Together they become a legendary squad before they even turn 13. After the Uchiha massacre, Naruto's world is turned upside as his 'brother' murdered his whole family. The only survivors were Sasuke and Mikoto. Years later, Naruto copes with the pain through his masks and becomes the sensei for team 7. Follow Naruto through his eccentric behaviour and wild mood swings. The story is labeled NaruAnko but it isn't there yet. Alot of NaruMikoto innuendo.

7. Naruto: Captured » by EdStargazer Naruto is captured by Sarutobi while trying to steal the forbidden scroll. From there his world is turned upside down. Naruto is thrown into a spy thriller as the life of a true ninja unfolds. Becoming the pawn at the center a hidden war between old factions within Konoha. Sarutobi uses Naruto and Sakura unwittingly against Danzo and the ROOT for the good of Konoha. Read and be engrossed in the world of mystery, intrigue and suspense.

8. Indomitable » by ShaperV Naruto trains ridiculously over his three years with Jiraiya using the Shadow Clone. He's mastered the clones on a level many would never imagine. When he returns, he might be one of the most powerful ninja in the world. He's also alot more eloquent with words. NaruAnko at first with NaruHina surely later and others. Its well written and vastly entertaining so far.

9. Naruto Asunder » by WrathfulSE Naru/Hina Well written, gritty tale about Jiraiya taking Naruto's training just a little more seriously. Naruto thinks things out a little better without running right in. Much more realistic approach to the Narutoverse. Not too dark or depressing but there are some gut-wrenching moments. I've enjoyed it so far.

10. Naruto: Entwined Tails » by MountainWind This is a VERY M-Rated Fic about a girl named Yui, who is eerily similar to Naruto, that comes into our hero's life and makes it very sexy. Lemons all over with Jiraiya's main goal being to try and turn Naruto into the new "Pimp of Konoha." This has some of the funniest scenes Ive ever read in a FF and like I said nothing is off limits as far as lemons go. So I would suggest all prudes avoid this fic.

There you have it. If i find others that I like, I will add them to my top 10. I don't expect people to give a damn about this, but I link this to all my message board sigs. So hopefully others will find and enjoy these stories as much as I have.

Decided to give One-Shots their own top 10 list since it's hard for them to compete against large tales. I have read many excellent ones and wanted to acknowledge them. As you can see the main theme for these, they usually involve a lemon of some kind. Some are strictly fluff pieces but for the most part, One-Shots are lemons.

Useful's Top 10 Naruto One-Shot Fics

1. Moonlight Sonata by DigiFruit I just read it and it's that good. I feel the emotion from every part of this story. I can't even describe how awesome it is. The only thing I'll say is that it is NaruSaku. So just go read it and enjoy immensely.

2. Fire by ia3 The Perfect Oneshot. Romantic and well written. Doesnt drag the story out but doesnt throw it right out there. NaruSaku. This was my favorite Oneshot till I read the above.

3. In Anger and Affection by Mana Mihara NaruSaku Its very well written and the way Sakura's feelings are gradually accepted makes it feel very real. An instant favorite jumping straight to #2 (now #3). I know youll enjoy it especially if your a NaruSaku fan.

4. (NEW) Twenty Times Uzumaki Naruto Didn't Die by Kraken's Ghost Wow! This one is a trip. What does it truly mean to be a Jinchuuriki? The Power of human sacrifice? This is a unique style of writing that offers 20 snippets into the immortal life of Naruto and what that really means. Very well done.

5. The Best Dates are the Cheap Ones by Shivakashi Excellent OneShot! A special Kunoichi day (similar to Valentine's Day) happens one day a year where kunoichi can take a man, civilian or ninja, on a date. Sakura turns down Naruto because of a forced date with the Daimyo's son. Naruto and Ino end up going on a date as the only two left without one. Jealousy ensues. NaruIno moments with NaruSaku goodness in there too. You'll like it. It's fluffy and limey.

6. Moving On by TheBarefootBandit Excellent oneshot. NaruTsu that basically describes a torrid affair that they have. Throughout their emotions are described in beautiful detail and you feel the love thatthey share. It's very good.

7. Twenty White Lies by The-Xenocide Unique writing style. Basically it's 20 thoughts that seem random but reveal a secret at the end. Angsty. Its NaruIno and SasuSaku but not in a romantic sense. You'll see what I mean when you read it. The twist is great.

8. The Art of Persuasion by muishiki Naruto is fed up with the politics of Konoha and decides to leave. Before he goes, he gets all his sexcapades in order to make sure the future council is on his side. A long oneshot but a good one. NaruAnko, NaruAyame, NaruHina, TemaShikaIno.

9. I Love The Sound of You Walking Away by Quillslinger Ino is a slut. She thinks she can solve all her problems by fucking everything that walks, men or women. NaruIno in the end but you'll see how. Gritty and somewhat realistic in the way its done. Angsty too. Good stuff.

10. Deep Cover by demonicnargles NaruTayu Naruto is asked to go under cover by Sandaime into Sound. While there, Naruto creates friendships and finds love with Tayuya. Can he really betray them when the time comes to return to Konoha? Such a conflict of emotions. What will he choose? Great read.

Non-Naruto FanFic Section

Started getting into Batman fics lately what with the new movie and Arkham games. Here's a couple good ones.

First is a trilogy from hobbitgrl. Its about Barbara and Bruce having a wild and angsty romance. Forbidden, Batgirl Falling and Paradisio. Very steamy lemon scenes.

Another good one is The Turn. This is a Bruce x Harley pairing which I enjoy a lot. A pretty realistic scenario for the comic anyway. Joker sends Harley to seduce Bruce Wayne, who he knows is Batman, in order to rip his heart out literally and figuratively. Harley reluctantly goes but is sad at the idea of Joker sending her away. She slowly starts to fall in love with Bruce and he, despite knowing she's a villain, starts to do the same. Might be abandoned but what is there is very good.

As a bonus, here is a VERY Good Bleach FanFic.

Daydreams come true » by magicsmith It's a unique style that takes a different character's perspective in each chapter. Very Lemony with Ichi(Kon)/Orihime, IchiRuki. Also alot of angst. Basically follows the main storyline but tweaks it to what we ALL know they are really thinking and wanting to do at the time. ;-) Excellent story and should definitely read it if you get the chance.

Here's an excellent Cowboy Bebop FanFic.

Breeze of Change » by Purple Pirate Lex Typical Bebop style as its a mission with no relation to the main plot at all. Spike and Fay are a pseudo couple in the only way they can be (VERY LEMONY). Ed is learning about love since shes 16 (no lemon with her, just fluff with an OC). The whole crew is involved and it is a very interesting tale. I enjoyed it alot.

Another good one here. This time its a Samarai Champloo FanFic.

With You » by KuroBlack Mugen decides to go back to Nagasaki and find Fuu since he's worried about her. All the characters remain true to the show but it does get fluffy between Mugen and Fuu. A nice tale with some edgy moments to it.

Here's a nice one for FLCL.

The Morning After by Nate Grey It's a oneshot, lemon involving Naota and Ninamori. I love Ninamori to death. She's too cute in her "trying to be serious but is really desperate for love" kind of way. This is a very cute lemon. It involves alot of fluffiness. Just the way I like it. Hope you all enjoy too.

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