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Fanfic Rant: I started reading during 6th grade before I officially joined the site in 8th, until now I've become (really really) obsessed. When ever I'm bored, my mind just automatically switches on to fanfiction just trying to come up with good material to complete a chapter, if I think of something good it goes into my handy-dandy notebook (Blues Clues,yo ;) before Steve left of course). I've got several stories packed in my laptop since forever but none have ever reached completion because of my MAJOR writer's block and my consciousness to reviewers and then there's the fear of turning the whole shebang into an OOC sort of thing, which I despise with a passion. I don't want my stories to be crap for you guys to read they must be sensible material cause then I could never live with myself if I had my favorite pairings suddenly giving one another goo-goo eyes and declarations of love with cavity inducing corny lines (unless its done with style and finesse that just makes you smile without realizing it as you read).

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