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"For the Last time! I am a Girl 100%! Stop sending me creepy messages!"

Hello there pups! This is Kyrii speaking. It's a pleasure to meet you all. I will tell you what i like or dislike depending on my mood. Here comes my personality lets just stays in my innocent side shall we. Anyway here comes my personality they are sadistic, quiet, outgoing, smart, stubborn, bossy, cold-hearted, kind, caring, protective, calm, rude, brave, and strong. Now onto my hobbies they are cooking, baking sweets, listening to music, watching dramas that are either in chinese or korean which I perfer both of them instead of Japanese Drama. I have gotten over my fears of the dark and also watching horror movie since I was ten years old. I lost my innocent when I was younger so theres no point of hiding it from me. My favorite color to be honest is purple, blue, red, and black. My least favorite color is yellow and pink.

I am planning to make fanfics here! Some will be crossover.

Hey Arnold!, Gakuen Alice, Twin Star Exorcists, Owari no Seraph, Magi, Harry Potter

Feel free to contact me through here:

kouhawaifu (twitter) hanayoria (wattpad) ryukiichu (deviantart)

--My Top Bias OTP--

Helga x Arnold / Hey Arnold

Phoebe x Gerald \ Hey Arnold

Lucy x Natsu / Fairy Tail

Natsume x Mikan \ Gakuen Alice

Krul x Mika / Owari no Seraph

Shimon x Mayura \ Twin Star Exorcists

Marinette x Adrien / Miraculous Ladybug

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