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I'm changing this again! And I'm gonna say a little bit about myself this time XD First off, according to Legolas in Sibbie's fanfic, I am a crazy psyco on the loose from an asylum XD I might just have to agree with that! Anyway, here is a list of fanfics that I appear in

Wierd Harry Potter Fanfic (Me)- I appear as Midnight and Eliza.. of course I'm in my own fanfic! Draco's Really Big House (Me)- I always appear as Midnight in my fanfics ^^; Adventures of the Hyper Crowd (Meiling Li2, and me, under her name)- Again as Midnight When Fruits basket meets YYH and Inu (Crystal of dark)- Yup, Midnight again XD Know Your YYH Characters (Nienna Whitethorn)- Midnight again, and so far I appear to say 2 lines in chapter 3 ^^; Lord of the Rings: The Musical (sibbielee113)- Midnight, the un-fangirl XDD I get to turn Frodo and Legolas into chickens! w00t!

I think thats it XD Go read those fanfics because they're special! Yeah... End


P.S. I have a flying chicken on a leash and it drinks soda!
P.S.S. Rob Bourdon is my idol!
P.S.S.S. Join my message board:
http:///Spam_World DISCLAIMERS! This is my place where I'm gonna list my huge disclaimer XD

I don't own Harry Potter, any songs sung in my fics (maybe someday I'll put one of mine :P xD), any characters other then Midnight and Eliza, and pretty much everything else XD I just own a piece of thread and an audience.. and that nice bag of cheese cubes in my fridge XD! Thats it for now XD

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