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I am a huge Veronica Mars fan. I am huge on the Logan/Veronica relationship and usually I will only read a story if they are together in it! I get to depressed otherwise! haha I like to give everything a chance though...except Parker/Logan and Veronica/Duncan...hey a girl has to draw the line somewhere!

I am a huge Kbell fan and have seen just about every movie with her in it. I even watched Pootie Tang just to see her 1minute cameo at the end. Reefer Madness is the best, most amusing movie ever. Anyone who never saw it, go rent it now. Mary Sunshine is pretty much amazing. JD is also an amazing actor and both of them can switch characters so believably.

My other girl crush is Leighton Meester. That girl can do no wrong. Along with Daniela Ruah.

Gossip Girl is def dangerous for your health. I did not like the show when it first came out because it wasn't anything like the book (and I was convinced I was striking against the CW for cancelling Veronica Mars. lol) But I caught the GG episode Victor/Victrola and now I am a HUGE Blair/Chuck I compare them to Veronica/Logan. Blair/Chuck have become my second couple obsession. I went back and re-watched all the episodes and GG is my guilty pleasure. Leighton Meester is pretty much one of the best actresses on tv right now. The emotions she portrays are amazing and she can make a character like Blair, who could easily be one dimensional and shallow, into a deep loving she cries wonderfully, she doesnt look like a crazy tranny clown

NCIS/Los Angeles is my new addiction. I read LA more than the original because I am annoyed with Tony and Ziva on the show and need a break from them. I adore Kensi/Deeks stories but Ill give most Kensi/Callen stories a chance also. I love the relationship between the entire cast. They look like a huge family and I love reading peoples takes on them. Kensi and Deeks contrast each other so much that it makes stories about them so fun. They complete each other. I don't like when stories belittle Kensi and make her this weak girl. I know shes human and isn't Wonder Woman like Deeks says, but don't make her hella weak just so Deeks can sweep in and save the day.

Covert Affairs: Another new show that Im slowly becoming obsessed with. I have a secret dream of being in the FBI or CIA so I'll watch just about any cop show, this one just happens to be at the top of my list now. I love Jai but I'll still give stories a chance that make him out the be the villain. As much as I love Jai, I'm a huge Auggie/Annie Shipper. I like Jai as the friend, but nothing else. Auggie/Annie holds my heart. I love how they became such close friends in a short amount of time. I hope in the show Auggie stops being such a manwhore and they realize the potential for something more. I HATE Ben. I have no love for that man what so ever. He is flakey and has bailed on Annie twice and I wouldn't put it past him to always bail on her. Plus I don't believe in their love after only knowing each other for 3 weeks. What can you really learn about someone in 3 weeks? Not the important things.

I dont like it when an author threatens chapters with reviews. You should be writing because it's something you love, not to fill up your inbox. If someone is writing a story and leaves an AN saying they will only post the next chapter if they have so many number of reviews, I'll stop reviewing right there and possibly stop reading the story.

Unfort. I don't write any because I would never be able to get my thoughts on paper in an organized manner, so I respect all the authors out there who are able to do this.

I look forward to reading all the stories and getting to know the authors!


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