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Okay so yeah I'm finally back. Decided I needed some stress relief in a place where I could get some positive feedback about my writing. For any of those wondering where I've been, I've been focusing on my education and devoting a substantial amount of my time to original fiction. However, I find that I missed the ability to post a chapter and get reviews on it, primarily because I cannot post my original fiction on the internet. (This is because I am seeking publication.) My newest story, The Karana Incident will be updated as often as time permits, and I love to hear feedback on it. My AIM name, for anyone interested in getting ahold of me, is ArcticVaporeon. Also, please be aware that I'm sort of a Gold/Silver age pokemon fan, so please do not be disappointed if you do not see many of the more modern pokemon.

A couple of ground rules:

1) Sorry, but I don't take requests anymore.

2) While I do love to hear about interesting character ideas, I typically will not add other people's characters into my stories. This is simply because the mechanic became abused when I had it in place, where people were coming to me posing as several different people until I'd essentially added one particular person's entire cast of characters to one story.

3) In the past, people have wanted to write stories based in my world of Ihnto. If you would like to do this, please contact me via aim first just so that I can show you my reference materials before you begin any work.

4) If you like the story, please please leave a review. It is the only way I know that people are enjoying the story, and its what keeps me writing. If you would like to see more stories, reviews is how you make it happen. I know this probably sounds a bit attention whore-ish, but there are many venues for me to post stories and I tend to go to the one where I think the most people will enjoy my work :3

Please be aware, that my newer stories will be tending to be toward the "epic fantasy" spectra of story types, and as such will be prone to violence.

~Arctic Vaporeon

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