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DOOOOOOM Lord of Waffles PM
Joined Mar '07

updated 3-23-11

holy crap i havent updated this in forever man well anyway

hi i'm the lord of the doooooom waffle nation and you should all bow to my greatness

i'm a crazy bastard and a lover of almost anything anime or manga or video game especially KH, Naruto, inuyasha and tales of the abyss and tales of legendia and a crap load of other stuff i'm just to lazy to type here

i also like reading which my friends say make me weird if you wanna e-mail me once i get started you can e-mail me at and feel my awesomeness for my evil monkey powers will turn you all chibi and i will be the ruler of your imaginations mwhahahahahahahahaha ... sorry lost it for a minute

and i hate judgement and prejudice and flaming of any kind now that you see that never defy MY logic...

again sorry well thats about it

except BlackChaos105!! YOU owe ME!! CHOCOLATE!!

ps. if anyone could draw and color pictures of my OCs and my rendition of chracters in my stories i'd be greatfull and truly humbled.

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