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Since I don't update this much anymore, I'm switching formats to something more barebone. Note that any mentions in my story referring to the profile are no longer valid since I took down most of that stuff.

Hi, I'm an amateur writer with around two years worth of experience in writing fanfiction. My usual stuff involves writing self-insert stories, where a character is placed in a fictional setting with a personality based on how I feel would interact well with it. While I don't have a set schedule, I usually write about a couple of thousand words minimum per week during my free time.

I’m still in school though, and that’s always my first priority (unless I’m procrastinating) so I’ll miss some of my personal post deadlines to prioritize. That’s just life, and college is something that I don't want to mess up.

I’m a big reader of light stuff like manga, fanfics, and light novels. I really like the works of RWBY, Fairy Tail, Fate, MCU, Persona, etc. And there are a ton of other great stories from other fandoms to read.

I also like to draw, and I sometimes have a few drawings based on scenes or characters from my stories. Sadly, the links for Deviantart aren't really working with me right now. So any previous mentions of referring to here for links are now void. Just look me up under the same user name if you want to find any of my old drawings.

Currently Working On (last updated - 4/25/2023)

A Clear Bell - Paused Temporarily (might be starting again)

After I Die, Who Walks Away - Paused Temporarily

Argus Magus - Updates weekly on Mon/Fri (See SpaceBattles ver. for omakes and extra content)

Enchanted Days - Complete

Enchanted Daze - Paused Temporarily

Hero Union Online - Paused Temporarily

Discord Link: https:// discord .gg /Wp7E4uYw5K (remove the spaces)

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