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Welcome to my profile and stories. I hope you find them enjoyable, but I understand that they're not for everyone (thanks to numerous amusing complaints). I appreciate any and all readers who decide the content I provide is worth it, so thank you.

I try to upload a single chapter of Crashing Into Darkness each week, but may do more or less as supply requires. Some chapters take much longer than others to write, after all, but I'm doing my best to keep a store of extras.

Iridescent is one I currently work on when I'm in the mood for it. There's no update schedule, but it will probably be 1-2 chapters per month at most.

Also check out War Does Not Determine. It is something I'm working on with AppoApples (on their profile, not mine) that involves Harry getting sent back in time, only he's not in his own body. It's an absolute pleasure to work with Apples for this story and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

Thanks for reading!

My Links

If clicking either of these links doesn't work, just copy/paste them and get rid of the spaces.

Ao3 account: archive of our own . org / users / SectumusPrince

Discord server: discord . gg / ZaPCTAtkZ4

My good friend Thobeobo (better known as Theo) has built an amazing archive of fanfiction. It's mostly on stories from the Harry Potter universe, but he will be branching into Percy Jackson & the Olympians soon. He leaves reviews for each story he reads on the website, along with other things, such as a directory of Discord servers. Listed below are links for the server dedicated to his archive and for the website where he posts his reviews.

I highly recommend giving it a look.

Discord: discord . gg / 3tKHy4fpeR

Website: themasterarchive . com

Other Discord Servers

Harry/Daphne Pairing: discord . gg / pKSdvJQvhU

HP Rare Pairings: discord . gg / 2EDfGMW8st

Percy/Reyna Pairing: discord . gg / U3gnbHwy46

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