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Hi, you can call me Indigo

I write Dragon Ball Z and InuYasha fics

Beloved Ships: Launchitz, Vegebul, Narkik, SessKik

I write lots of action/romance based around these.

I do NOT take story requests.

Not on hiatus just a slow writer

I will participate in Review for Review! If interested, send me your story link. I will only review after/if you do - IF I am interested in the story.

Beta reading services NOT available at this time.

Follow me on Twitter to get chapter updates before they happen, and participate in polls @Royal_BlueRoses NSFW account: @Redleatherstrap

Not all my work is published here, if you go to my AO3 account of the same name you'll find my more explicit works not appropriate for posted there.

Posting Schedule will go by rotation, least freshest fics on my list will get 1st priority, and so on. Sometimes I will fall out of rotation if I have more inspiration for another story. Stories that have the most attention do not get the highest priority just because they are popular, it takes time to write these things well. If certain stories are phased out, new ones might be added with their sequels. Please be patient. Do not think the story is on hiatus just because it's delayed. Not only do I work on all these at once, I also do beta work for many of my friends. If interested, please read :


What if: Namek by Becky L. Sly


Path of Fire & Ox Queen by Minya Paws


Living In The Shadows of Heroes &

Space Is No Place For The Weak

By degenerate.otaku

Attention!! If you are here because I left you a review, whether a long and detailed one or short, I would kindly appreciate it I you could please do the same for my story, Gemini Saga Eclipse. I would love to have more feedback on this story. This is my first fanfiction and I will take any positive, polite critique or any comments on it you may have. If I gave you a critique, do not hesitate to PM me if you need more assistance, I will do whatever to try & give my feedback on the content if I can.

Gemini Saga Eclipse - Currently undergoing beta reading, still updating though !!

Romance/Action/Drama/Humor. Rated M for Violence and Adult Situations

Main Char: Raditz, Launch, Tien, Vegeta, Bulma, Chi-Chi, Gohan & Nappa.

Alternate Universe. Pre/Post Raditz/Saiyan -- Frieza Saga. This story takes place within the first episodes of DBZ, then goes off on its own tangent. Take note that reality was already altered before the start of my story, so anything that happens while it may be similar to events in DBZ, they may not happen at the same time or in the same fashion. We start with the Raditz/Saiyan Saga, then focus on main threat that is the Gemini Cult, hence the name "Gemini Saga"

The Geminis were all thought to be dead. But when Raditz comes to Earth, he comes face to face with the ghosts of his past. Will Launch be able to heal the wounds in his heart, both physical and metaphorical? Tien never knew what he truly was, with a third eye that was capable if only harming others; he chose the chaste life of a holy man. But, can Love change his views? Can a child's laughter warm the heart of even the coldest Namekian? Vegeta was cold, apathetic; he was the perfect killing machine. But, his code of honor demands that he abide by the ancient Saiyan Rules that he respects. When a beautiful human Princess cries at the sight of blood; he takes it upon himself to protect this gem of the blue planet. Something happens though, that he could have never prepared for when his primal instincts demand that he listen to their call. Nappa served Frieza for longer than he would have liked, but he would take the skin off his back for the two boys he fought to protect 23 years ago when they committed acts they would all later regret.

Prequel: A Runt Named Raditz.

Humor/Action/Fantasy/Drama. Rated T for Teen, but may change for violence.

Main char: Raditz, Bardock, Gine, King Vegeta, Queen Vasenya, Prince Vegeta, Nappa

He was only seven years old, on a cold, ruthless planet. Raditz only yearned for his father's affection, but he was too weak. He acted out to get his attention, no matter how badly he was punished. Raditz infiltrates Castle Vegeta and causes not only havoc, but for his own destiny to be altered. He wanted a place in the Saiyan Army, so he was sent away to a distant planet where if he wanted to survive, he would have to fight until he could no longer; until he was discovered by Nappa and Vegeta.

The Bandit And The Miko - Romance/Drama/Fantasy/Action Rated M for sexual content, violence.

Main Char: Kikyo, Onigumo, InuYasha

This story takes place before the events in InuYasha. This is not an AU, more like a, What If? What if Onigumo met Kikyo before he was burned, as well as before Kikyo asked InuYasha to live as mortal man and wife? This is their story, where Onigumo has the chance to properly introduce himself to Kikyo and vy for her affections, instead of turning himself into a demon. The question is, how will InuYasha react to this news...?

Kikyo, Captured - Romance/Horror/Tragedy/Suspense Rated M for violence and sexual content. Warning! This may trigger some with sensitivities, does not for bode well for InuKag lovers!

Main Char: Kikyo, Naraku, InuYasha, Kagome

We start our story at episode 33 of InuYasha, Kikyo, Captured by Naraku. Kikyo has been captured by Naraku after witnessing his transformation into a new, more powerful form. She is curious to see what Naraku, or as she remembers him, Onigumo has now transformed himself into after all these years. Kikyo's soul is sustained by the souls of miserable women, and by the intense hatred she feels for InuYasha. Naraku will use these deep feelings of resentment in Kikyo to achieve his greatest desires, and InuYasha and Kagome will feel the pain that they have sown in her soul, perhaps all the way to eternity. How will Kikyo transform once she becomes whole once again, will her heart become mended enough to feel love...? Or is it all fated to destruction?

Escape ‐ Alien Takeover, tragedy, horror, romance. Rated M for violence and sexual content. Warning! This may trigger some with sensitivities!!

Main Char: Vegeta, Bulma, Raditz, Chi-Chi, Piccolo

Vegeta, Raditz and Nappa have gone AWOL from Frieza's grasp and claimed the Planet Earth for themselves, holding all of Earth hostage, as well as Chi-Chi, Bulma and Launch as their personal slaves. Goku and the others are put in a difficult position, will they work with the Saiyans, or die by their hands? Bulma catches the Prince's eye, leading to their escape from everything..A darker imagining of how things could have been in Dragon Ball Z, escaping conformity, and teasing at the outer edges of what is considered "safe" and sensible.

There are cusswords, and heavy themes of slaves/servants, masters, and their tortured minions. Feeding the fetishist appetites of a more... risky appeal.

Immortal Prince ‐ A reimagined version of Dracula with the characters of DBZ! Romance, horror, suspense & comedy! Rated M for violence.

Main Characters: Vegeta, Bulma, Raditz, Launch,Yamcha.

Based off Bram Stoker's Dracula. When Yamcha Harker leaves London to do buisness with the eccentric Count Vegeta, his fiancée Bulma is left to wonder when she will ever see him again, and where has her friend Launch gone with the mysterious Texan man with a tail? They are then trapped in the sights of the Vampire Hunter named Gokuseppe Van Helsing, who later finds out from a man from the future that perhaps these NosVaiyaratu are more than meets the eye.

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