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I am addicted to the great L.M. Montgomery's stories right now!

There isn't much to tell about me personally. My hobbies are cooking, gardening, sewing, cats, reading and drawing. I'm also learning Chinese but it's slow going! I'm Christian but temporarily between churches and looking for the right one.

If the reviews I post on your stories sound generic and vague, it's only because I'm bad at reviewing, not that your story is lacking. It's hard for me to put in words what I like about a fanfic, but I only leave reviews on stories I like, I promise.

My favorite Annefics are the ones set during Anne of the Island and Rilla of Ingleside. I'm not into stories based on Anne films and shows (because I never saw any of those) or modern-day Annefics. But if I get through reading all the other stories I might give them a try!

If you read any future stories from me, thank you, but keep your expectations rock bottom because I'd mainly write fic for cheap thrills and happy endings by any means possible. I leave the artistry to L.M.M.!

I usually only put finished stories in my Favorites, but I'm making an exception for Excel Aunt's Being a Blythe since it's on hiatus and also my favorite Annefic as of now. Check it out!

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