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Hey, everybody! My real name is Hayley, and I live somewhere in America. I am fifteen years old and will turn sixteen on October 9th. I love Titanic, as you will see once I get all my favorite stories posted. I wish Jack could be mine, but he's better suited for Rose! Captain Jack Sparrow rocks, but he's not my type. (Johnny's hot, though!:))

I am a major Lord of the Rings fan! (Gollum is creepy.) The Beatles are the best band in the world, and my kooky side wishes that I was born in their era. I share John Lennon's birthday, and he's my favorite Beatle. (Mark David Chapman is a bastard and can burn in hell!! PM me if you agree.)

My favorite TV shows are: Lost, Cold Case, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Law and Order, Without a Trace

Other favorite music: The Beatles, (duh), Fleetwood Mac, Eric Clapton, Elton John, The Fray, KT Tunstall, Every Mother's Dream, (an awesome local folk band)...you get the picture. I love music, old and new.

I am also a non-practicing Jew, and all I want for the world is peace and love . . . Basically, the lyrics of "Imagine" sum it up.

Peace and love,


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