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Sunday, August 2, 2009 - Some of you may know that I just put up yet another wanna be Eclipse. This is yet another vision of Eclipse as I see it that doesn't include a huge Edward/Bella/Jacob triangle. I dont really like Jacob that much so he is in the story a very little bit. However that doesn't really matter as I haven't even writtent half of the story yet. Not if it ends up being as long as it is in my head. I have already writen out nine chapters and it is already almost 75,000 words. I am having a little trouble at the moment but I am hoping that if you guys help get on me too I can keep going and finish this thing. I really like this story and where I want it to go. I am not planning for there to be a sequel but it could happen. As could sequels for all my other stories. It all just depends on what my brain allows me to do. Thanks for reading and I hope you all like Make Me Over as much as I do.

Friday, May 8th, 2009 - For anyone that really needs a good laugh. This was sent to me from my mother, prpurpledragon. It was hilarious and you should see it. http:///mail/?ui=2&ik=4dd900485e&view=att&th=1211d36252b821f5&attid=0.1&disp=safe&zw. It is a wanna be MasterCard commercial. Let me know what you think. And for anyone that is interested, I am working on a couple of stories. I hope to start posting them soon. I just like to be ahead with the writing so that I can have a regular posting pattern. I hope to be able to start the beginning of next month.

Monday, September 29th, 2008 - So I have recently become very obsessed with stories where Edward has a child, though is not with the mother for whatever reason even though he has total custody of the child. Also any stories with them all being royalty. I have no idea why these are the ones that appeal to me the most at the moment, but that is how my freaky brain is choosing to work. So I was hoping that anyone that takes the time to actually read these little blips that are written on author pages could help me out to find some new ones. I would greatly appreciate it. I am sure that the five or so that I have found of each are not all that are out there. The longer the story the better, in my opinion. So and advanced thank you to anyone who can help me with this little mission.Monday,

August 4th, 2008 - I am so so sorry to anyone that did not like Breaking Dawn. I LOVED it!! I however know of quite a few people that will have a problem with it from reviews that I have gotten from some of my stories. I will not put any spoilers here, I am not that mean, sometimes. LOL Anyway, that was an awesome book. I got a huge kick out of seeing all the things that coincided with things that I have read in verious stories. I had quite a few flashbacks to stories while reading the books. So to those of you that didn't like the book ... TOO BAD!! That is the end that the actual author saw fit. It was amazing and wonderful. I could have done without some parts, but it is officially my favorite in the series. I realize that the sereies is now done with. But I hope that people will still continue to write their awesome stories. I would seriously go insane without some of you people's stories. They are what gets me through my boring days. TTFN

So I was sent an email from youtube saying that I was sent a video from my mother. I thought 'Cool, I'll check it out.' So I did, and you will never believe what it was. There is a video on youtube that is the factory testing of Bella's new car in Breaking Dawn. It is so awsome. For anyone that read the first chapter, everything that those guys said that made you think it was an imaginary car that may show up sometime in the future. We were wrong it is a real vehical that is in Germany or something. If you want to see the video I put it on my myspace. it is /tnamahob. You should go and check it out. I also have a Breaking Dawn countdown clock and a Twilight Move cound down clock. They are really cool. You will totally love the car. It is even silver.

March 20th, 2008 - I realize that it has been quite some time since I last updated Rosalie. I am actually working on finishing the story before I post anymore. I know that some people got frustrated with the time between posts because I was trying to figure out what was going to happen next. This should fix all the problems. I am also working on two other stories. I hope to start posting again soon. However I want them to be correct from the get go this time. Thankgully I have friends like Ranma and My-Bella who have graciously accepted my begging for them to be my Betas. Once I get something sent to them that is. I thank the both of you for your patients. I am enjoying reading your stories, while I work on mine, very much. Again, thank you for your love and support. I hope to be getting back in the game soon.

I am a woman that does nothing with her time but read and work. Then I got sick at the end of 2006. My cousin lent me a book to get through my inprisonment in my room. The book was Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Now you have to understand. I have always been a reader. But I am dyslexic so I have always had to take my time to read things so that I really know what is going on in the story. I was not able to put the book Down. I read it in one day. And remembered it. That is what really surprised me. I then found out about New Moon and went to buy it. I read that in one day also. I have since read them at least twent times. I have not had a book affect me like this ever in life. I really love these books and have since gotten my younger sister and mother stuck on them too.

I started to wonder about certin things though. You know, behind the scenes stuff. Mostly about Rosalie. I have been working on a fanfic about her and some others as well. I hope once I get them posted that you like them. I have a couple extra story ideas running through my head at the moment. I hope to have some of them up and running soon. Thanx for your continued support.

FYI: I am trying to keep working on Rosalie, but Dreams is overpowering my brain at the moment. I have a couple more chapters that I will try to get on soon. But to anyone who cares, no I have not forgotten about that story. I will come back to it.

Dresses and Ring from: Dreams Do Come True

First of all: Bella's Engagement Ring - Okay, I am very sorry, but to all of those out there that like this ring I cannot remember where the heck I found it. I wrote this story more than a year ago and have changed computers and moved since finishing it. I really am kicking myself for not keeping track of those notes. The only thing I can tell you is that it is Edwardian Style. Both of the rings are. Maybe if you take a picture of it to a Jeweler they can remake it for you or tell you where you can get it made. Once again, I am so sorry.


Bella's Wedding Dress -


Bella's Vale - (Keep in mind you are looking only at the vale-ish cloak thing. Not the dress.)http:///albums/v206/Tnamahob/Vampires/BellasValeinDreamWedding.jpg

Esme's Dress - (This dress will be colored wine in the story) http:///albums/v206/Tnamahob/Vampires/EsmesDressAtBellasDreamWedding.jpg

Alice's Dress - (This Dress will be colored burgundy in the story) http:///albums/v206/Tnamahob/Vampires/AlicesDreamBridesmaidsDress.jpg

Rosalie's Dress - (This dress will also be burgundy in the story)


(Her dress from the back)


FYI: I actually got these dress' from the websites of the stores they were found at in the story. And these stores are actually in Seattle.

These are the Items that she got in the scavenger Hunt:

Three Piece Gift Wrap Set:


Black Pixie Dress


Bathing Suit


Sexy Cut Out Dress


Peek-A-Boo Teddie


Gladiator Snakeskin Sandals



Bella's Dress from Carlisle and Esme


The Wedding Rings:





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