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Thanks for checking out my profile.

A liitle about me. I've never written many short stories or fan fics. This is my first attempt to do so. So please don't flame and constructive criticism is appreciated. I decided to started writing strories after getting some ideas and after reading some of the stories on this site. I just wanted to share my ideas and see if people would enjoy them. Again thanks for checking out my profile and I hope you enjoy my stories. Oh and btw I'm a LuNa fan...I am open to other pairings but right now this the one I'm working with.


Name: Kabata4life (Means friends for life)

For those who know me already know what it means.

Age: Old enough

Gender: Male

Favorite Anime: (Not in any particular order)


One Piece

Eureka Seven



Tenjo Tenge

Current projects:

The Ties That Bind, Friendship, Trust... and Love? (Working Title)

One Piece fic about when a certain captain is in love with certain crewmate but, the crewmate realizes a little bit too late. I'm sure you'll you guess who they are. Well have the first 6 chapters out now. Still working on the future chapters. Have the ideas laid out and reading them over. Jumping around starting other chapters. So hopefully people enjoy it.

Future Ideas:

Soul Mates

Another One Piece fic about the crew and how they were all destined to meet and be nakaman or something more. Still working on how I wanna approach it.

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