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I write random stories that just pop into my head suddenly, now onto random facts about me!

I play video games, as I grew up with a PS2. No I'm not over 20, but my siblings are.

I play KH like no tomorrow and fail misserably, KH:CoM I hate your gameplay go jump off a cliff and Port Royals 1 sticker in KH2 can go DIE, same for the Data fights in KH2, like, I am almost lvl 99 yet Saïx still kicks my ass

Then there's Ratchet and Clank 1,2, 3, Size matters and Gladiator I'll never beat you without a guide.

Sonic forces was a dissapointment and Sonic Mania is stupidly difficult. ( ya'll noticing the pattern here?)

I apperently suck at playing DMC3 since I failed Normal mode so badly the game handed me easy mode, yet I still need a guide

Jekyll and Hyde is a fandom I did not know existed and did not know that I would join in my life

I draw a stupid amount of things, from OC's, game characters and AU concept designs.

I practice Athletics? Track and Field? I think that's correct, it'sthe sport where you have lil sections and there's Javelin throwing and a bunch of other stuff, orchestra and then there's School, so I won't be able to post a bunch.

I don't have the most free time and been having problems with losing the file for my Soranort AU twice, TWICE!!! AND EFFING UP THE FILE LIKE, HOLY S#IT I'M AN IDIOT. And I'm pretty sure I went off the deep end a bit ago avdjagdvd

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