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I'm not as young as I once was but not as old as I hope to become!

I love Fan fiction and am extremely grateful to all the very talented writers out there who keep me entertained with their stories.

- And then there's my fanfics - well I'll let you be the judge! Love reviews - however if you want to tell be about mistakes, they're not intentional just bear in mind it's been a while since school, well if i'm honest its been longer than a while!

Xmen ...

Wolverine and Rogue no other option for me, in the films these two together would have made the last two worth watching but i haven't read the comics and for those who have I know that these two make an unlikely pair but i don't care!!

Favourite Xmen fics-

Once upon a time and Yellow brick road by Becca on

Everything by Terri on

Too many to mention wrfa,

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